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Armor-All Tire Shine

Edit, 8/31/08: Actually, Armor-All Tire Shine may leave your tires looking shiny for a little while, but can be harmful to the rubber.

When seeking a tire shine product, find one that has no solvents or VOC's (look at your tire shine, does it have acetone in it? Think about that!). These chemicals accelerate the process of drying out your tire, sucking the oils out of the rubber. Instead, seek out products like Michelin Tire Shine, which contains no chemicals that would be harmful to your tires. There are others out there (Optimum, Wolfgang), but the Michelin seems to be the least expensive and most readily available.

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What can you use to shine your tires?

There is a special 'tire shine spray' available in Walmart.

Is there anything else that can shine your car tires besides amorall?

You can use Adam's Tire Shine.

Could hair gel make tires shine?

It is possible to use hair gel to make tires shine. You can also use boot polish to get the same effect.

Are Sears Guardsman LT tires safe?

Sears Guardsman are really good tires.

Does cooking oil shine your tires?

It would, but it might be bad for the tires, any oil that ran on to the tread could dangerously reduce traction, and there are many safe reliable products intended for that purpose.

Is it really worth it to purchase expensive tires for a compact sedan?

Not really. you can get good tires fairly cheap but check on how long they are rated to last.

Are tires really made from trees?

Rubber comes from rubber trees, tires are made with rubber.

What are the risks of purchasing cheap tires?

Purchasing cheap tires is really dangerous. Cheap tires have lpw quality, and they can easily pop on bumpy roads which is really dangerous, and can cause great harm. Also, cheap tires may be hard to drive in the snow.

How do you keep tires looking good?

by a special tire shine foam and spay it on every time your car gets a care wash

What the are the best tires plus tires?

It really depends on the type of tire you are interested it. There are many Tires Plus Coupons available online and many sales to help with the cost of your new tires.

Should you have 4 snow tires on a car?

You can install 4 snow tires but it is really not necessary. Only install the snow tires on the drive wheels.

What are the correct tires for a muddy terrain?

It really depends on how muddy it is. If its just a bit muddy, the stock tires will likely be fine. However, if it is really muddy you will need some tires designed for off road mud driving.

Do smoke tires really exist for cars?

yes they do

What is a good commercial cleaner for auto tires and vinyl?

I like the Awesome Brands, Street Appeal Professional. I clean my tires/wheels/rims with the "Wheel & Tire" spray on and wipe off solution which dissolves break dust and road grime. Then I follow up with the product, "Tire Shine" from the same company - provides a long lasting high gloss shine. Both products are safe for wheels/tires/rims. Simply spray on over the entire surface (avoiding the treaded part of the tire!), let the solution stand for 20-30 seconds, for the product to work, then Rinse with water. For the Tire Shine product, you may need an extra coat for a higher shine. Depending on the dirt/grime on the tires, you may need to scrub with a sponge or wash rag/towel/mitt. But definitely use two different mitts, one for the shine, and one for the wash.

How do you make tires shine?

Best way I have found to do this is to first clean the tires, and the rims, ensure the tires are quite black, no brown /rust looking color on the side walls..then apply a product called Black Magic Titanium Tire WetGel. It seems to work the best.

How are the Hankook mud terrains?

I have found all Hankook tires excellent. One of the really reliable Asian tires.

Why do tires work better on wet road?

I've never found that ! - You must have really good rain tires.

What are the best wearing brands of new car tires?

There are many good wearing brands of new car tires. For example, tires from the company Michelin are really good tires for cars worldwide and in America.

Where do i find tires for a 2004 tundra?

The best place to go to get tires is Firestone. They gave my wife and I a really good deal on our tires and they also gave us another eighty dollars off because we still had a little bit of tread on our tires. You can also try Walmart because they also have really good tires and the labor is cheaper through them.

Do tire covers really help protect tires?

I have heard from several people that for everday you cover your tires on a vehicle, the longer the tires last. I hope that this information helps you.

What are the best type of tires for SUVs?

1.ALL SEASON SUV TIRES 2.ALL TERRAIN SUV TIRES 3.MUD SUV TIRES these are really good tires and can cost 125 dollars. Here is a link if you want to learn more about the tires:

What stores are known to sell the cheapest tires?

Where to find the cheapest tires really depends on the type of tire you're looking for. Walmart is a reliably inexpensive option for tires. There are also places that specialize in just tires such as Discount Tire.

Rotate tires after how many miles?

You should really rotate your tires every oil change to guarantee full even wearing on the tires but at least every 5000 miles or so

Where can I find information about Toyo Tires?

You can look onto the Toyo Tires' website. The website show give you all the information and a selections of tires to choose from. You can find really good deals.

What size tires and what kind of tires would you get for a Honda CRF 50 made for flat track racing?

Any tire really.

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