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What is data on a phone?

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It's when you can use the internet through a cell phone carrier.

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How can I download data from server to mobile phone and Mobile phone to server

No. The data plan is for the amount of data transferred to the phone. It doesn't matter what you do with the data afterwards.

A cell phone data plan allows you to go online on your cell phone or use an email client on your phone.

There is data in cell phone plans so that we can remember things in our mind

The cell phone isn't transmitting or receiving data at the moment.

No - if you re-set your phone - all personal data is erased.

You could blue tooth the information from your old phone into your new phone, then click on SAVE. Your new phone should ask if you want the information saved on the phone, or on the SIM card. You click on PHONE.You could store all your data onto your micro SD card from your old phone, then put the micro SD card into the new phone and copy the data into the phone memory. Then you access the phone memory and tell it to SAVE the data to the phone.

Whatever phone you put your SIM in becomes your phone and number. If there is no data attached to your specific number you will get charged for using data regardless of what phone you put it in..

To get data back from android phone, Jihosoft Android Phone Recovery is a very good choice.

You must have heard about tapping of phone . Tapping data is same as tapping a phone , all the data entered into the database will be visible during tapping.

A data call is where a person uses their cell phone as a modem to send a fax or e-mail through their cell phone.

Yes, you can see the data by going onto settings (it all depends what phone you have)

Mobile data is information your phone downloads from the Internet using the cellular data network (as opposed to using a WiFi hotspot, for example).

how is data inputted intocellphone technology

A data plan is where you have a plan for more data on a device I think.

Data transfer on a cell phone refers to the browsing of web pages or the transfer of photos between your phone and the Internet. This might also refer to watching movies on the phone.

The phone number of the Museum Data Solutions is: 740-592-3399.

you must first have a cell phone plan and a data device in order to get a data plan. A data plan lets you surf the internet, get email, etc...

A 'data plan' is an agreed amount of data that can be sent from your phone - without being charged for it. Think of it like a call allowance for data. Even if you don't have a data plan, you can still send data from your phone- however - you will be charged by your carrier for the amount of data you send (usually per MegaByte).

no this phone does not reqire a data package

This phone, although it has a touch screen is a basic phone, meaning there is no data package required. Because this phone is supported by Verizon there is an available $10 reduced data package just for email.

Cell phone data recovery software can be download at the Data Doctor. The software recovers all your deleted text messages and lost phone numbers. You can download a cell phone data recovery software at Share Me that claims to restore text messages in both the inbox and outbox, and telephone numbers from your simcard.

it allows a mobile phone to store data.