What is database design?

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The overall structure of a database is what we call database design. Before creating a database one must design a database that different anomalies. Anomalies like redundancy and must come up with a optimized database design for efficient use.
Design of the database (Database Design) refers to a given application environment, optimize the structure of the database, the database and applications, which can efficiently store data to meet the application needs of various user information needs and processing requirements). At www. myelibrary.net.In you can clearly understand what is the database design.
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Why you would design a database.?

Answer . Data base is a list of information given with details as needed. It can also generate and distribute to users some tables and graphs. It can be password and access level protected. . Answer . Entering information and numbers, and the calculations of those numbers.

What is the relationship between HIPPA and database design?

This is a very broad question, especially in that HIPAA strives to be "transparent" in that it will not define what methodology is acceptable, but rather, will tell you how to ascertain if your choice is properly made. There is no particular technology described under HIPAA. The relationship between ( Full Answer )

How can I design a good database?

This is a very broad question. I'll try to present different areas for you to consider when designing a database.. 1. What is the database program and what is the OS it will reside on? 2. What is the scope of the database? Small (100 tables), medium (500 tables), large (1000+ tables and maybe a T ( Full Answer )

What is a logical database designer?

Answer . Logical database design : . ensuring, via normalisation procedures and the definition of integrity rules, that the stored database will be non-redundant and properly connected; . Physical database design : . specifying how database records are stored, accessed and related to ensure ad ( Full Answer )

Physical database designer?

IBM Infosphere Data Architect, CA Erwin, Microsoft Access GUI are examples of physical database designer.

What are the roles of database designers?

This position takes the business requirements and models a database based on the business's needs.. Does the database need to be in real-time? What kind of data will it hold? Sensitive?. There's hundreds of factors that determine how the database is designed, updated, protected. Each business is d ( Full Answer )

Why database design is important?

Database Design is the database structure that will be used as plan to store and manage data. The database management system (DBMS) is the software used to implement a database design. Modern database and applications development software is so easy to use that many people can quickly learn to imp ( Full Answer )

What are the three levels of database design?

Well, there are actually FIVE (or even SIX, according to some..) but the first three are the most commonly cited parts of normalization.\n \n1) Identification of data and grouping in to logical units (e.g. fields and tables)\n \n2) Establishing key values for each table\n \n3) Analyzing relationship ( Full Answer )

How do you design a database?

hmm, I start to think what am will doing with database, usually I write firts all my idea on a paper and when it ready to build, I use my database application.

What is needed for a properly designed database?

A properly designed database could mean many things. Essentially, it all depends on what kind of database a user / webmaster / etc is looking for. A table (In a database) should have a correct number of collumns. Traditionally, the names of these collumns should be lowercased (But doesn't have to be ( Full Answer )

In database design what is a business rule?

Very good question! A business rule is just as it states. Lets take a look at a really simple example first; Let say for example a business has a RULE that on its web site when you are filling out a form that the First Name field can only contain 20 characters, that's the rule! In the database you w ( Full Answer )

What is the goal of a database designer?

A database designer in simple terms designs the database layer of the eventual application. Like the initial crew on a home build site the database designer (architect) is responsible for laying the foundation of the project.. The architectural structure and integrity of the database is one of the ( Full Answer )

What are the different approaches to database design?

There are two approaches for developing any database, the top-down method and the bottom-up method. While these approaches appear radically different, they share the common goal of uniting a system by describing all of the interaction between the processes

Who is a database designer?

A database designer is a person who specifies how a database records are stored, accessed and related to make sure there is adequate performance!

Features of a database design tool?

Depends on the design tool, there are MANY design tools and they all have some similar characteristics and some unique ones as well.\n. \nFor the most part design tools help you design a physical database using a visual representation.\n. \nie: Graphics that you can drag around, and connect that w ( Full Answer )

What is atomic values in database design?

This is quite an elemental question. Think about it- what would be termed atomic? One that cannot be divided, as from its Greek definition. Atomic values in a relational database mean that they cannot be further divided, according to domain rules defining that attribute . An attribute is a column ( Full Answer )

What are the responsibilities of database administrators and database designers?

Designers design the original database. That is an extensiveprocess, including working out the structures, doing up specialdiagrams, choosing the correct software and computers to use andother things. Finally the database will be created. The job of theadministrator is to look after the database. Th ( Full Answer )

How to creaate the logical database design?

Once you have the list of Business requirements ; you come up with a logical layout of the application using the High level document. using these documents functional specification documents is frozen. for logical database design we use the functional specification, High level design and then the bu ( Full Answer )

What are the general guidelines for designing tables for database?

1. Identify the Tables. 2. Determine the primary keys. 3. Determine the additional fields. 4. Determine relationships among the tables. 5. Determine data types for the fields. 6. Identify and remove any unwanted redundancy. 7. Determine a location for the database. The database you have designed wil ( Full Answer )

Why 3NF is preferred in database design?

Engineer requirements should be higher, on theapplication of large databases to achieve proficiency orproficiency level, so the relatively low level of developmentengineers database, the cost is lower. Data architects, generalbusiness needs one or two. Of employment database developmentengineer is t ( Full Answer )

Design of a sale and purchase database?

I shall give you a solution to what i think it is, if i am wrong, post back with further queries. First of all what tables you need depend entirley on what information your company is interested in retaining. I will assume all and you can delete as nesseccary First of all there should be a person an ( Full Answer )

How do database designers achieve their goals?

By rigorously collecting business requirements, understanding the desired end result as well as the potential expansion / change directions. By considering future plans an architect can design around these possibilities; properly staging the environment for these future plans. At times it may make m ( Full Answer )

Where can you design and modify tables in database?

Table design in Microsoft Access can be performed by right clicking the table name in navigation view (column that runs down the left hand side of Access that is headed 'All Access Objects' by default) or by clicking the "geometry set" icon on the far left hand side of the ribbon called "View" with ( Full Answer )

Explain why database design is important?

All of the information and data that is pulled to make websites isstored in the database. If a database is unwieldy and disorganized,troubleshooting can become impossible.

Customer details in designing a customer database?

the transaction made by the customer in our store and the name and preference of or customer are considered as transaction details. so, the database formulated in our store should record those transaction details in to the customer data base.

What is the first step in database design?

The first and most important step in designing a database is creating a schema. After creating schema tables are created and data is entered in to the tables.

Steps involved in designing a database?

Determine the purpose of the database - This helps prepare for the remaining steps. . Find and organize the information required - Gather all of the types of information to record in the database, such as product name and order number. . Divide the information into tables - Divide information i ( Full Answer )

What are distributed database design issues?

Three key issues we have to consider: • Data Allocation : where are data placed? Data should be stored at site with "optimal" distribution. • Fragmentation : relation may be divided into a number of sub-relations (called fragments) , which are stored in different sites. • Replicati ( Full Answer )

What is a fan trap in database design?

A fan trap is where one too many relationships 'fan' out from a central entity, so the link between the two entities at the many end becomes unclear. For example, if we had a central entity of Branch (of an organization) and two entities fanning out from it: Staff and Department, we cannot clearly l ( Full Answer )

What do you understand by table relationship in database design?

A table relationship is where a field in one table is matched with the same field in another table. For example you may have a table that lists your suppliers so 'Supplier Name' is one of the fields, you may then have another table that lists orders made so "Supplier Name" will be a field in that ta ( Full Answer )

What are the characteristics of a well designed database?

A well designed database will be normalized to the third normal form (3NF). The normal forms that are generally required to have a well designed database are First Normal Form (1NF), Second Normal Form (2NF), and Third Normal Form (3NF). 1NF states that each table has no dependency on top-to-bott ( Full Answer )

Who designs a database?

A database or systems designer will do it. They could also haveother roles like being an analyst or a database administrator.Whoever is designing a database may work with people in some ofthose other jobs, particularly when it is a very large system. Ifit is a small database, then it is easy to desi ( Full Answer )

What are the four stages in designing a relational database?

There are actually seven stages for designing a relational database. They are: 1) Formulate an idea for a solution 2) Gather information and clarify needs 3) Develop a list of all useful fields 4) Organize the fields into logical tables 5) Determine and define table relationships 6 ( Full Answer )

What is structural database design?

The logic structure is independent of any kind of data model,in the practical application, the general database used by theenvironment has given (such as SQL Server or Oracel or MySQL. Due to the current use of the database basically is relational database, so the first thing to the E-R diagram into ( Full Answer )

What is a relation as used in database design?

When you create a relation (Relationship) within an DBMS you are establishing a relationship of a field in one table to a field another table. Example. We Have a table Customers CustomerID FirstName LastName StatusID The sample fields above are for table Customers Now the StatusID is an INT f ( Full Answer )

Where can one learn more on databases design?

One can learn more on database design from physical universities and online training organizations specializing in web design. Although nothing teaches more than hands-on experience - actually being out there designing, implementing then publishing a website!

What is the meaning of database design?

There is only one meaning of the words database design. Data basedesign means the process of creating a very detailed data model ofa database. It is used for a database, of course. Hello, Database design is part of system development, it is the process ofproducing a detailed data model of a databas ( Full Answer )

How does data modelling lead to the design of a database?

The data model identifies the objects/entities involved in theapplication and the relationships between them. From that, the ERdiagram is solidified and this forms the basis of the databasedesign.

What a good database design require?

A good database design requires that the Data is conveniently and efficiently stored. Also the data can be easily stored and maintained.

What are the responsibility of the database designers?

As the name implies, a database designer develops both the logicaland physical design of the database. For hierarchical databases,they define the parent-child relationships and in relationaltables, the relations between tables. They also often developvalidation rules, constraints and the like.

What are database designers?

Database designers are a type of software engineer that specializesin databases. Therein they will investigate the requirements of theend user platform, design the system interface to create, edit andreport on stored data , design user interfaces, design reports,structure and develop an optimized pl ( Full Answer )

What is centralized database design?

Centralized design is one of the two major methods of designing a networked database, the other being distributed design. In a centralized design, all the database table schema and the data reside in one place where all of the users access it (i.e., central to the users.) Conversely, a distributed d ( Full Answer )