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Dean's watch changes throughout the seasons. Currently it's an MTM watch, and is the Black Patriot model. For Supernatural's 4th season he wears it with the velcro band, however in previous seasons he has worn it with the metal links band.

He has a Suunto Advizor (or Vector) is season 5, at least when I started noticing it. This is the same as used by Stargate actors ever since RDA asked them if he could wear one. Also worn by me of course just a few km from Suunto themselves here in Finland.

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Q: What is dean winchester's wristwatch in supernatural?
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What is sam and dean winchesters mothers name in the show supernatural?

Mary Winchester.

What is dean Winchester's wristwatch in supernatural season 7?

Suunto Core All Black

What the code for Dean Winchesters weapons is from Supernatural?

11-02-83, which is the date that Mary Winchester was killed.

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in season 1....785-555-0179 and 866-907-3235

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Sam and Dean's father is named John Winchester.

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What is dean winchesters real name?

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'Ivy league'

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Who is dean from supernatural?

Dean Winchester from Supernatural is a beloved monster hunter and hero. He is played by Jensen Ackles.

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What is sam winchesters watch in supernatural?

In the TV Series Supernatural_(TV_series), Character: Dean Winchester played by Actor: Jensen Ackles and Character: Sam Winchester played by Actor: Jared Padalecki both wear a Suunto Vector

Does dean die in the end of supernatural?

Dean dies in the end of season 3.

Who played Dean in Supernatural?

Jensen Ackles

What are the release dates for It's Supernatural - 2007 Dean Sikes?

It's Supernatural - 2007 Dean Sikes was released on: USA: 11 October 2010

Where do sam and dean live on supernatural?

Lawrence, Kansas

What season in supernatural will dean die?

season 3

Is dean a bottom in supernatural?

yes and cas is the top.

Where can you find a supernatural dean pendant?,default,sc.html?src=WSSUPRN

What is dean from supernatural real name?

His name is Jensen Ackles.

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