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Deep etching is what Australians call the process of cutting a foreground object out of the background of a digital image in Photoshop. This term is not used in the UK and Ireland, AFAIK, and possibly not in North America either.

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What is a restrike etching?

When an etching has been made, prints are made from the metal block. Very often these are not numbered. However, for collectors' items there is often a fixed number, say 200, and the individual copies are numbered, very often in the form 1/200, and so forth. Sometimes the block is then destroyed and ( Full Answer )

What is a vinyl etching?

Answer . Matrix Number / Vinyl Etchings - Matrix numbers are alphanumeric codes stamped or scrawled into the run outgroove (inside rim) of a record that indicates one or several of thefollowing: record label catalog number , mastering codes, stamper codes, name or initials of the masteringe ( Full Answer )

How do you photoshop?

With a program called Photoshop by Adobe. The program is complicated to beginners but it gets easy after 1-2 years of work.

What do glass etching pastes contain?

Glass etching pastes or cremes contain fluoride. The most commonare sodium fluoride and hydrogen fluoride. This does not 'etch' theglass, it causes fluoridation which looks like etching.

How long do you etch a tooth for a sealant?

For acid etching during the sealant-application procedure, theteeth should be etched with phosphoric acid. It needs to remain oneach tooth for a minimum of 15 to 20 seconds.

What does Etch mean?

etch 1. To cut away the surface of glass or metal with a strong acid or by abrasive action, usually in a decorative pattern. 2. To remove the surface of cast stone with acid to expose the aggregate. 3. To alter the surface texture of porcelain enamel by chemical attack. Above retrieved ( Full Answer )

How do you deep-etch in Adobe Photoshop?

I don't know much but this may help - you can use the magic wand tool that will select a certain amount of colours e.g if you have a flower with a black background you use the magic wand on the black, it will select the black areas and you can delete it, or the pen tool for more precise tracing arou ( Full Answer )

Are Lionel Barrymore Etchings valuable?

I own four of his etchings and value them as family heirlooms but I have recently checked out eBay and see a number of his etchings for sale there and they are priced in the 5$ range. So I don't think they are all that valuable. But they are nice to look at.

What is an etching?

Etching is a process to produce semiconductor devices. It is also used in printing. Wet etching and Dry etching are possible.

What year was the etch-a-sketch invented?

It was invented in 1957 by André Cassagnes, a French electrician. He took the idea to a plastics company; they developed a prototype and patented it in 1959 and did not give him credit on the patent. Ohio Art Company bought a license to make the toy in the US and announced the Etch-A-Sketch in Ju ( Full Answer )

What is inside an Etch-A-Sketch?

inside an etch-a-sketch is a needle pulled by strings controlled by the knobs. the needle scrapes off the white coating of the screen as it passes and the coating is replaces when you shake the box

Etchings by Charles Dickens?

Dickens did not provide the illustrations for his books. They were done by Hablot Browne and various other artists.

What is crayon etching?

Drawing with crayons is not etching. You do not dig into anythingwith crayons. To create a crayon etching, you would need to use thecrayon to indent something.

What is etching primer?

An etch primer is used as a key for the next coat normally on metals.

How to fix acid etched glass?

Yes! I had 6 large windows that where vandalized with with a white chemical that severely damaged the glass. They are based in San Diego but have and office in Portland and and can refer you to a glass repair specialist in your area. Give them a call, you don't need to replace your windows!

How do you make a crayon etching?

We used to make Crayon Etchings in grammar school. It's a fun party game idea! It's easy and free! Kids will enjoy making colorful pictures of their own.. Take a sheet of paper and color it with lots of different colored crayons. Then cover the entire sheet in black crayon.. Next take a pointed st ( Full Answer )

Etch a sketch?

It is a toy. Once i filled up the whole etch a sketch. it is red and has metal speckles that get pushed off by a stylus inside that you control with two control on the bottom.

What can Photoshop do?

\n. \nAdobe PhotoShop is a Graphics and Photo Manipulation Program. It has many features, and is the most advanced and widely used Photo/Graphics program in the world.\n. \nIf you would like to purchase the program, it can cost a few hundred dollars. However, there is a Free Trial available, but w ( Full Answer )

How does an electronic etching machine work?

\nIt scratches a thin layer of the surface off whatever is being etched, and leaves a pattern behind which differs from the smooth surface, revealing the design.

Will etch cream work on acrylic?

Answer: I don't believe it will work on acrylic medium, they say it has to be a vitreous type material, acrylic has polymers, which I believe is unaffected by the etch cream. . http://www.diynetwork.com/diy/cr_walls_floors/article/0,2025,DIY_13782_2273781,00.html . If you put it on an affected ( Full Answer )

Where is etch a sketch made?

It was made in Bryan, Ohio, from 1960 to 2001. In 2001, the company moved Etch-A-Sketch manufacturing to Shenzhen, China.

How do you etch an egg?

Etching is a process used to remove parts of the egg shell with an acid to create raised areas, giving your egg a textured surface. Vinegar or The Works toilet cleaner are often used.. Waxed areas are protected from the acid and thus stay intact, versus the exposed areas which are eaten away. The l ( Full Answer )

Why shouldn't you open an etch a Sketch?

The "Etch a Sketch" contains mercury and mercury can be poisonous (the methylated oxides are really dangerous). Another answer: Nonsense. The Etch-A-Sketch does not contain any form of mercury and never has. It contains aluminum powder and polystyrene beads. If you crack the case, humidity ( Full Answer )

Etching a concrete surface does what?

By etching a concrete surface you are providing the adhesion needed for the paint to stick. For paint to stick the surface must be rough - it cannot be smooth or slippery in anyway or the paint will simply peel off. Like doors and frames they need to be sanded back before they can be painted. The ( Full Answer )

What is etch primer ...phosphate?

An etch primer contains phosphoric acid which will react with ferrous metal to form ferrousphosphate crystals as a barrier to limit rust-creep under the coating. The resin used normally is a polyvinylbuterate for the best adhesion to the substrate as adhesion=rust prevention.Peet Harmse

When was etch-a-sketch invented?

The exact date is not known. The concept was invented by André Cassagnes in the late 1950s. He first exhibited a prototype in 1957. He took it to a French plastic molding company, which filed a patent on it in 1959 (leaving Cassagnes' name off the patent application). Subsequently, the Ohio Art C ( Full Answer )

What does etching mean?

Etching is superficial attacking of surface, metallic or another, for having more contact surface and better hold in later treatment, e.g. plating, painting

What is photoshop and what does it do?

Photoshop is a software made by AdobeTM. It is used to edit, create and manipulate photos, designs and other types of visuals. There are many uses to it. You need to play around with all of its tools to understand how they work. Maybe you can even be a professional graphic designer...

What is an Etch-A-Sketch?

An Etch-A-Sketch is a toy which draws lines on the inside of a glass window, using a stylus that is moved horizontally and vertically by two knobs.

What is dental etch?

It is a thin substance placed on a prepared tooth before adding a composite filling or a sealant. It's purpose is to make the finishing product stick. :)

Who invented etching?

Wikipedia has an 'Etching by Daniel Hopfer, who is believed to have been the first to apply the technique to printmaking.' See the entry for 'etching'. There is more information there of course.

What is the etching technique?

There are many different etching techniques that can be used such as sandcarving, surface etching, and shading. The you can mix up the different processess and use multiple techniques together. -Eric http://www.glassetchingsecrets.com

How do you etch polypropylene?

A quick way to do it would be a flame treatment. This oxidizes the surface, and if you're careful should not damage it. A how-do is here, although it's about polyethylene it also works on polypropylene: http://a-a-i.net/polyethylene.htm

What is etching acid?

Etching is the process of using strong acid or mordant to cut into the unprotected parts of a metal surface to create a design in intaglio in the metal (the original process-in modern manufacturing other chemicals may be used on other types of material

How can you get Photoshop?

By buying it through either the adobe web store for your region, or a 3rd party online reseller such as Amazon or Ebay. Generally, it cannot be found in physical brick-and-mortar stores (ie. Walmart or Best Buy)

Is the inside of an etch a sketch toxic?

No, but it is messy. It's a very fine aluminum powder (and some polystyrene beads) that gets everywhere. It's not toxic, but it's definitely not healthy to inhale the stuff.

What is 'etching' in German?

" Radierung " is a German equivalent of "etching." Specifically, the German word is a feminine noun. Its feminine singular definite article is " die " ("the"). Its feminine singular indefinite article is " eine " ("a, one").

What is etching on paper?

An etching on paper is a print made from a metal plate, called an etching.

Who is etch in Toy Story?

'Etch' , who cannot speak but communicates through his screen , is an "Etch-A-Sketch" toy with a magic screen .

How do you etch sandstone?

Use a rotary tool such as a Dremel. Another option for etching sandstone, or any more other materials for that matter, is a process called sandcarving. Sandscarving uses templates placed on the item to be etched and then sand to carve out or etch into the material.

How much was an etch a sketch?

It it depense on the tax and on the store cost different stores have different prices. but the size counts to who knows!

Will acetone etch styrene?

Yes & No... Acetone will not "etch" styrene. Styrene is a monomeric aromatic building block which can be polymerized to long chains. This is the plastic commonly called polystyrene and is recyclable with the recycling symbol including the number 6 in the center and the letter PS below the symbol ( Full Answer )

What is etching in electronics?

It is a process used in the making of printed circuit boards. A protective material is used to cover the traces that you want left on the PC board. The board is then submerged into an liquid that will etch the unprotected copper off of the board. This removed material then becomes the space between ( Full Answer )

Why etching is done on PCB?

pcb is a copper sheet. once we prepare the layout, we need the tracks which gets covered by copper.Therefore, to remove excess copper from the pcb etching is done.

What can Photoshop not do?

Excluding Lightroom tricks, Photoshop can do every thing to make a design and image more attractive and striking.

Do you say etched in or onto our memories?

According to a Google search "etched into our memories" has 539,000 hits. "Etched in our memories" has 458,000 hits. "Etched onto our memories" has only 3,070 hits. Accordingly I recommend "Etched into" or "Etched in" Dictionary.com also includes the sample sentence: " A deep canyon was etc ( Full Answer )

How can you find a company that does laser etching?

Things Remembered is a popular store that provided laser engraving services on many different types of products. Jared, the Galleria Jewelers, does laser etching on jewelry, including rings and necklaces.

How can you have a photoshop?

You can get a trial or purchase Photoshop from the Adobe websiteunder the product section. The newest Photoshop is available permonthly subscription, but older versions can be bought throughwebsites such as Amazon, Ebay, or Shopping.com (a comparativeshopping website).

What does chemical etching mean?

Chemical etching is a broad term that can be used to describe a few different processes including decoration of glass or metal. It also describes a printmaking technique.