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Here is my answer based on crude oil refining economic perspective In the past, black oil & white oil product term has been used to simply differentiate between products that can give more value than crude or not. So happened that most if not all black colored products have less value than crude, hence the term Black Oil was used to make this differentiation. Therefore: Black oil product is simply defined as any refined product that is having less economic value than crude oil per unit (must use equivalent unit) price. -Shahrul IB-

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Is there a mineral oil that is organic?

No. Mineral oil is not an organic product by it's definition. It is a petroleum product which is cheap but it is not organic. See the link. A better choice would be common olive oil.

What is the definition of product?

the definition of product is upon multiplying

What is a brief definition for refinery?

An installation where crude oil is refined into a usable product for industry and consumers.

What is the definition of product usage?

The definition of product usage is how a consumer uses a certain product. This is done by testing a product.

Carbon black definition?

A carbon product obtained from liquified carbon feedstock and used mainly in the rubber industry.

What term best fits this definition black gold?

Black gold is a term that refers to crude oil or petroleum. When people would discover oil on their property, it usually made them rich, so it was like finding gold.

Definition of total product?

Double the half product...XD

What is the marketing definition of a product map?

The marketing definition of a product map is the strategy that will be employed so as to push a product into the market. This is also defined as perceptual mapping.

Is butter and vegan margarine the same?

Not remotely: butter is an animal product, and anything vegan, by definition, does not contain any animal product. All margarines are essentially vegan because they are made out of vegetable oil.

Definition of product in math terms?

The definition of a product is the outcome number of two or more numbers that have been multiplied by each other.

What is the definition of oil crisis?

the depletion in the availability of oil

What is the end product of fat and oil?

The end product of fat and oil are fatty acids and glycerol.

What is the definition of the word 'product'?

Something produced by nature, industry or art

What is the product of a number and its recprocal?

The product of a number and its reciprocal is always 1 - by definition.

What is the definition of a niche product?

A Niche Product is the product that is accurately fashioned to foregather the requirements of that primary segment.

What is the definition of GNP?

Gross National Product

What is the definition of a product?

Something that is manufactured for sale.

What is the main product that supports Libya's economy?


Olive oil a diary product?

No, it is a fat and not a dairy product.

What well-known product is found in Texas?

The well-known product that is found in Texas is oil.Oil is the answer.

What requires a chemical reaction to form?

A product, by definition a product is produced by a chemical reaction.

What is an unambigious definition of the end product?

The objective of the product which needs elaboration to ensure that they are not confusing.

Definition of product quality?

u should have the data or asnwer about product quality! please.

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