What is deviance today that may become societal norms tomorrow?

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Remembering that deviance does not mean the act is illegal or immoral in nature, a societal norm tomorrow may be that it will not seem odd for a woman to shave her head.
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Why do people marry today and divorce tomorrow?

Some have concluded that no fault divorces are to blame for this condition. The truth is that many of these marriages were hastily entered into, were doomed before they began and probably should have been counseled against.

What is today if yesterday's tomorrow?

It is the day before yesterday. :) LOL if u didnt know that your VERY, VERY dumb if your over 15 under that its not easy to remember IM 11 :) BTW the dude who wrote: "It is the day before yesterday. :)" is NOT me so yeah... I'm Pretty Sure It's Today What Is Today But Yesturdays Tomorro ( Full Answer )

What does What is vice today may be virtue tomorrow mean?

Morals and morality are constantly changing and also differ from place to place.. Only 150 years ago homosexuality was punishable with prison, now its accepted.. In some cultures multiple wives are allowed, in ours its a crime.. It is generally considered that birth control is a virtue but in the ( Full Answer )

What type of sentence is this Today Tomorrow Toyota?

Nonsense. There is no sentence here, only a string of words. (an advertising slogan that relies on the implications of the three words) That is not a sentence because it does not present a complete thought, but it is representative of the figure of speech known as alliteration .

Is Tomorrow when the war began becoming a movie?

Yes I can confirm that they are making a movie of the book 'Tomorrow, when the war began' because I'm auditioning for the main role in that movie. Wish me luck :D. Byebye. Amy

Can I take a focalin today and a xanax tomorrow?

focalin twacks me out pretty good so i take the xanax the same nite to help me pass out....don't go crazy on it though you don't want to OD on the xany. just take a few to help you pass out that's what i do. but the two of them together puts you on a nice upper/downer roller coaster. =] very good hi ( Full Answer )

What is today if yesterday is tomorrow?

If today is for example Monday, the answer would be Saturday. "What is today if yesterday..," means you go back one day (Sunday) and "what's the day if Sunday is tomorrow" would be Saturday.

If today is tomorrow then what is yesterday's tomorrow?

If today is tomorrow, then yesterday's tomorrow is today. Another answer: Yesterday's tomorrow is today. This is a fact. This is reality. But if what we think is today is really tommorow, then we are a day behind! So rather than yesterday's tomorrow being today, 'yesterday's tomorrow' m ( Full Answer )

What is before today but after tomorrow?

The answer is yesterday . 'Yesterday' is the day before today, but in the dictionary, the word 'yesterday' is after the word 'tomorrow'!.

If today is really tomorrow and yesterday is today what does that make tomorrow?

1st answer : today is the answer 2nd answer : the day after tomorrow. Logic: In this question we have what we think, and we have the 'real' world. In 'what we think' we have (i) yesterday, (ii) today, (iii) tomorrow. But we are told that in the 'real' world, what we think is 'today' is r ( Full Answer )

What is tomorrow and after today?

anything taking place tomorrow. Tomorrow is the name given to the day after today and 'after tomorrow' is any time further into the future than today, which would include tomorrow but also all the days after it.

Rupee of today in not equal to rupee of tomorrow?

This means that the value of the Rupee fluctuates over time, not guaranteeing a consistent value. . Rupee of today in not equal to rupee of tomorrow because currencies fluctuate or go up and down in value on a daily basis. Real silver or gold coin will keep its value always.

The Internet Todays Evolution or Tomorrows Menace?

As we progress in a fast-paced, high-tech world, the internet is becoming more and more essential to daily living. Not much more then two decades since the conception and now we cannot picture life without it. Our growing dependence on it will be our downfall. Some of our people today a ( Full Answer )

The meaning of tomorrow your horse may be lame?

It meens that live for today, and be happy with what you have, cuz the next day may not be so good(your horse may be lame). Lame meening that the horse is unable to walk, or put preassure on a leg. Hurt.

If today is today when is tomorrow yesterday?

Today is the present. Tomorrow is the future. Yesterday is the past. Tomorrow as yesterday happens the day after. Incidentally, tomorrow never comes.

Is clotting sign of pregnancy I am on birth control and I usually start tomorrow May 27 but today I went to the bathroom and found a blood clot like discharge. Is that a sign of pregnancy?

Generally clotting is not a sign of pregnancy. If you already knew you were pregnant, it could be a sign of miscarriage. You might be able to take an at home pregnancy test to find out whether you are pregnant or not. If it comes out positive, check with a doctor to test HCG levels. If you were preg ( Full Answer )

Is conforming to negative societal norms a sign of weakness?

No, it could be a sign of strength if the social norms were slightly odd. For example, the negative social norm in the UK of passing people in an empty street - most will walk past quickly and not acknowledge each other. Saying "hello" or "good morning" in this situation is not the social norm, howe ( Full Answer )

Are bilingual jobs becoming the norm?

Yes, bilingual job are common, since this is America. There are a large number of Spanish speakers in the nation of the United States. So yes bilingual jobs are common.

Is 12 am part of today or tomorrow?

One of the stupidest decisions in human history, 12am is considered early morning, not late night. There is literally no logical reason for this.

What is deviancy?

from the word Deviant meaning departing from the normal, departing from what is considered acceptable behaviour

When did 0-62mph become the norm?

0-62mph, is the conversion for 0-100km/h. 0-100km/h is "the norm" for Non US car companies due to the fact they use the metric system for measuring. 0-62mph, gives us Americans an idea of what speeds/acceleration they are talking about.

Can you take cealis today and Viagra tomorrow?

Cialis is a long-acting medication. Its effect lasts up to 36 hours. That is why I think there is no need to take Viagra the next day after Cialis has been taken.