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Differences in Testing PhilosophyACTSATThe ACT strives to assess the knowledge you've acquired, meaning that the test focuses on subjects and skills taught in high school. The SAT tries to assess one's reasoning ability. It does so using tricky and confusing phrasing to determine your test-taking skills (i.e., your performance under pressure and your ability to identify what's being asked).

The following information is a few years old, but may help:

  • The act math includes some trigonometry, the SATdoes not.
  • The act includes a science reasoning test, the SAT does not.
  • The SAT questions, within a particular set, appear in order of difficulty - not true on the act.
  • The SAT tests vocabulary much more than the act.
  • The act tests English grammar, the SAT does not.
  • The SAT is not all multiple choice.
  • The SAT has a wrong answer penalty; the act does not.
  • The act is more of a content-based test; the SATtest critical thinking and problem solving.

There are also fee waivers available for both tests. These cover not only the test fee but provide up to four free college applications -- potentially worth hundreds of dollars. See your guidance counselor or see the related links below

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Q: What is difference between ACT and SAT?
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