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What is difference between an Alternator and a Generator?

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In a generator, an armature is spun inside a magnetic field. The armature consists of several coils which generate electrical energy as they spin through the magnetic fields. "Brushes" (electrical devices to transfer the electrical energy from the moving armature) conduct the electrical energy to a wire. The strength of the electrical output can be controlled by varying the strength of the stationary magnetic field that is OUTSIDE the spinning armature. If that magnetic field is to be changed, it typically must be an electromagnetic.

An ALTERNATOR is exatly the opposite. The brushes make contact with two spinning rings. The rings are connected to coils, and when voltage is applied the armature (in the case of an alternator it is called a "rotor") becomes a spinning electromagnet. A stationary coil or set of coils, depending on the complexity of the armature, generates electrical current as the magnets pass by.

An alternator produces "alternating current" electricity which must be converted to "direct current" in the case of automobiles. The conversion is relatively simple, using what is called a "diode plate", which is as the name suggests, a collection of diodes.

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Difference between alternator and DC generator?

'Alternator' is simply another name for an a.c. generator.

What is the difference between an ac generator and alternator?

None. 'Alternator' is simply another term for 'a.c. generator'.

What is the difference between alternator and synchronous generator?

Alternator and synchronous generator this both is not different m/c this are same things.

What is the difference between synchronous generator and an alternator?

An alternator or synchronous generator is a machine where the frequency of voltages induced, currents produced maintains the constant relation ship with the synchronous speed.

What is the difference between an inverter and a generator?

what is the difference between Inverter generator and regular generator

What is the difference between generator turbine?

'What is the difference between a generator turbine...' and what?

What is the difference between an alternator and a generater?

A generator generates Direct current electricity An Alternator generate alternating current In a car this current is run through rectifiers or diodes to convert it into DC.

What is the fundamental difference between a battery and a generator?

the fundamental difference between a battery and a generator is that a battery uses chemicals

Does an alternator work similar to an ac generator?

Alternator and ac generator is equal

What is the difference between alternator and generator and what do you use in power plants mostly and why?

The term, 'generator', can be applied to both A.C. and D.C. machines. An 'alternator' is specifically an A.C. generator. Power stations use alternators, because it is necessary to transmit electrical energy at high voltages, and this is done using transformers, which are A.C. machinesmain difference depends on magnetic field spin or fixed..."In an alternator, electricity is produced when a magnetic field spins inside the stator. In generator, the armature or windings of wire spin inside a fixed magnetic field to generate electricity"alternator use on smallscale production & generator use on large scale..

Every generator is alternator and every alternator is not generator?

Nope, you are confused. Click the link.

How do you convert a DC generator to ac alternator?

Turn the DC generator inside out and you have an alternator .

Is there any physical difference between an AC induction motor and an alternator?

This from the "Induction motor" article in Wikipedia: "In principle, any AC electrical generator can be called an alternator." The only difference between an AC motor and an AC generator is whether one has electrical energy put in to get mechanical energy out, or whether one has mechanical energy put in to get electrical energy out. That means the answer to your question is basically, "There is no physical difference between an AC motor and an alternator." The unit in question can be used in either way, and assumes a name based on which way it is used.

What is difference between power station generator and dynamo generator?

Power station generator - Dynamo generator ------------------------------- = 3

What is the difference between a separately excited dc generator?

What is the difference beetween a separately excited dc generator?"

What does GEN stand for on the message center of an 1997 dodge B2500 van?

The generator ( alternator ) is not charging properly.The generator ( alternator ) is not charging properly.

Does the 2001 VW Beetle have a generator or an alternator?

has an alternator

What is the difference between electricmotor and generator?


What is the difference between a compressor and a generator?

There is no similarity between the two objects.

What is the basic difference between dc generator and dc motor?

The basic difference between a motor and a generator is that a motor converts electrical energy into mechanical energy while a generator converts mechanical energy into electrical.

What is difference between 50Hz and 60Hz?

is the speed of the generator

What is difference between generator potential and receptor potential?

it is

What is the difference between Oscillater and Generator?

An oscillator is part of a generator. A generator has many more functions than a simple oscillator.

I have the alternator just missing the wiring connection sheet how do you connect an alternator from a generator on a 12 volt system?

You wouldn't. Terminology wrong? An alternator is a generator that generates AC.

Does a 1972 ford mustang have both a generator and an alternator?

No, it is equipped with an alternator.