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Gingelly oil and sesame oil are same.

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In English, gingelly is a synonym for sesame.gingelly seeds: nuvvulu నువ్వులుgingelly oil : nuvvula nuune నువ్వుల నూనె

தமிழில் நல்லெண்ணெய் in English gingelly oil ஜின்ஜெல்லி ஆயில்

Dark Roasted sesame oil made from roasted sesame seed and regular are as same like natural sesame. roasted sesame seed oil will reduce acidity level. :)

Sesame seed is crushed, to get sesame oil and the by product is the sesame oil cake. These sesame oil cake has some oil content depending upon the crushing style, which may be in between 10 to 15%. From this oil cake, oil is extracted by extraction procedure. After the extraction process sesame oil meal is received as a by product.

It may be either. If it is light in color, then the seeds were not toasted before pressing. If it is dark, then it was made from toasted seeds. The most popular form is made from untoasted seeds.

"Nallennai" (Nalla + Ennai)gingelly oil - "Nallennai"mustard oil - Kadugu Ennai

Sesame oil is a complex mixture.

In Tamil sesame oil is Nallennai (நல்லெண்ணெய்)

Sesame oil is an edible vegetable oil produced from sesame seeds. The sesame seeds are primarily grown in developing countries. The seeds are then used to make the oil.

I read on another site that it is the same as toasted sesame oil.

Hi, Sesame oil is derived solely from the sesame seed. It contains no nuts of any kind.

Sesame. [Sometimes written til.] Teel oil, sesame oil Source:

The specific heat of sesame oil is 1,63 J/g.K.

what's the difference between vinegar and vegsteable oil

As such there is a no difference in veg.oil and palm oil As such there is a no difference in veg.oil and palm oil

Not surprisingly, Sesame seeds. Sesame seeds themselves are taken from the sesame fruit. According to Wikipedia, sesame seeds were amoing the first crops used specifically for extracting the oil.

sesame - nuvvulu నువ్వులుsesame oil - nuvvula nuune నువ్వుల నూనె

Woman Sesame Oil Maker was created on 1994-02-16.

sesame oil means 'ellennai'it comes from the word ellu means seasame and ennai which means oil

yes they do eat sesame. Its like oil but it sweet.

Sesame Oil has a Density of 0.916-0.920 Kg/Liter

The difference between barrel and gallen is that a barrel can load 220 litre oil and a gallon can load millions of oil.

Sesame Oil has a very strong fragrant smell. It's moderately viscous, slightly more than most oil (Comparable to good Olive Oil).

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