What is difference between logo and logotype?

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The logotype usually refers to the words of a logo. A logo often consists of both and image or symbol and words. For example, McDonald's logo consists of the big yellow M with the name 'McDonald's' under it; the word is the logotype, the big M and the word together are the logo. For Coca-Cola and Coke or Hershey, the words written in their distinctive fonts are the logotype and the logo in one. Lufthansa airlines has a bird in flight in a circle, the name Lufthansa in distinctive typeface, with the motto 'There's no better way to fly'; The words are the logotype, the group together is the logo.
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What do the different colors on the logo of WIPRO IT industry mean?

Meaning- Wipro flower . perceived the Rainbow Flower to communicate The Symbol is called Rainbow Flower RATIONAL. Diversified expert . Innovation . Precision . Vastness . Interaction . Expression of life . Versatility . High rising . Variety . Individuality . Modern technology . A ( Full Answer )

What does McDonald's logotype mean?

Can you be more specific? Are you referring to the typestyle or the golden "M"? . Answer. I appreciate your response. Sure, specifically I'm referring to the golden "M" but if you could let us know both the typestyle and the "M" meaning I'll be very grateful.

What is a logo?

A name, symbol, or trademark designed for easy and definite recognition, especially one borne on a single printing plate or piece of type. For the source and more detailed information concerning this issue, click on the related links section indicated below. .

What is the difference between a logo symbol and a brand?

A symbol is a representation of something. This representation can be done using any technique, could be graphic , character,sound etc. for eg: when we write CAT, it's not the actual animal but just a charter set that symbolizes the animal. this could also have been done by drawing the cat, whic ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between a logo and a symbol?

Logo is the short version of logotype. It is the name of a business designed specifically for that company.IBM, written in blue stripes, is a logo. A symbol is just that. A symbol (but not the name of the company) that represents that company. The apple with the piece out of it is a symbol of Apple ( Full Answer )

Difference between logo and brand?

A brand is the total of a business. It is how a business conducts itself in every way and how it is perceived by the public. A logo is a visual design that represents the brand. The logo may be found on letter heads, documents, uniforms, etc.

Can a logo make a difference?

The reason that companies use different logos is so they can be recognized. It is called "brand identification". If they all had the same logo, we wouldn't be able to tell them apart.

What is the difference between a crest and a logo?

A crest is a historic term meaning the figure, animal or other item worn on top of a knight's helmet during the late medieval period. This also served as a kind of badge which would appear on his standard (if he were of sufficiently high rank), or on the tunics of his servants and men-at-arms. The ( Full Answer )

Where to get IT logo?

It depends what you want. There are lots of options as well. You can research the subject and see what best suits your needs as an individual or company.

What is difference between Logo and Trademark?

A logo is a graphic mark or emblem commonly used by commercial enterprises, organizations and even individuals to aid and promote instant public recognition. Logos are either purely graphic (symbols/icons) or are composed of the name of the organization (a logotype or wordmark). A trademark or tr ( Full Answer )

What are the meanings of Logos to different ancient religions and how does it differ with Christianity?

In ancient Greek, logos meant 'word', but this meaning gradually extended to include other concepts such as speech, thought, reason, principle and logic. In the Platonic school of philosophy, Logos became the principle of unity, order and reason within the universe, and later came to refer to a ( Full Answer )

Why have a logo?

So that you are easily recognized. People tend to think in pictures, and symbols are more easily identifiable. Now you ask me, "What does this have to do with having a logo?". The answer is simple, people lay an extraordinary importance on the things they can see. You must have heard that it takes l ( Full Answer )

Punchlines and logos of different Indian companies?

Brand postioning & punchlines... Little did our Beloved "NETAJI" Subhash chandra Bose knew that when he requested his followers 'Tum Mujhe Khoon Do, Main Tumhe Azaadi Doonga", he was actually marketing a product that is'FREEDOM' with this Punchline. In the process an old women donated all the jewel ( Full Answer )

Logos of different companies?

Companies have different logos to help you identify them. Someexamples of company logos include the colorful google logo, theStarbucks logo in green, and the cursive Coca Cola logo.

What is the difference between a logo and a motto?

A logo is a graphic design that's used by an organization while a motto is a saying. . The famous yellow McDonalds "M" would be their logo, while "I'm lovin' it!" would be their motto.

What is the difference between a logo and monogram?

A monogram is the initial of any name while logo is the graphical presentation of a company. Monogram can be a logo but lofo can't be a monogram. eg. HP is a monogram of an IT ompa

What is the difference between a sign and a logo?

Logo is a symbol or a word used by an organization by which theorganization can be easily recognized. In other way, it can bementioned as a visual mark that represents a particular service orproduct. For example, the apple's symbol can be said as 'logo'. A sign is just the same which represents a pr ( Full Answer )

What are the differences between logos and a coat of arms?

A coat of arms is a kind of logo. Coats of arms were developed long ago, when most people couldn't read, as a means of identifying specific people on the battlefield. They use symbols or combinations of symbols within a defined formal structure to accomplish that. Logos are used to identify compani ( Full Answer )

The difference between logo crest and emblem?

Mate, I can't define it well but, Just think, the difference between Manchester United/Chelsea and LG/Samsung. 1. The Manchester United/Chelsea , they're using an Emblem. It must have a Name, logo and sometime caption too. So, we call them EMBLEM. 2. LG/Samsung they're using a symbolic represe ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between difference and different?

Difference is used as in " There was a difference between her schedule, and mine" Different is used as is " Her schedule was different than mine" DIFFERENCE = a noun; DIFFERENT = an adjective. there's no difference its a synonym.

Why did the redskins had a different logo in 1982?

I was wondering the same thing myself. According to a web site called The Warpath, the one season change was do to an error by the logo sticker manufacture. Apparently the problem had something to do with the typical vertical feathers cracking on the helmet logo when it was applied to the helmets ( Full Answer )

What is difference between trademark and logo?

They're the same thing: a mark used in trade to identify a product or service. The word "trademark" however is more frequently used these days to refer to the law protecting logos, slogans, etc. You might also have a logo not specifically used in trade.

What is the relationship between logos and mythos?

Both Logos and Mythos are terms coined and developed by Aristotle . Logos , however, is basically an "appeal to reason," whereas Mythos is more of a poetic or traditional interpretation of an event(s).

Why is logo of Google in different colors?

Google has had several logos since its renaming from BackRub. The current official Google logo was designed by Ruth Kedar, and is a wordmark based on the Catull typeface. [1] The company also includes various modifications and/or humorous features, such as cartoon modifications of their logo for ( Full Answer )

Should you have different logo for company and group of companies?

I can think of numerous corporations that are the headquarters and 'parent company' to numerous groups of companies. This allows the parent to diversify and as well, spread assets and earning power. If one group of companies fails, the parent can restructure the parent's holdings and ownership to su ( Full Answer )

What logo has different color hands going in a circle?

FIBA, the international Basketball federation, has a logo which represents hands in multiple colors on a transparent basketball. Images of hands are powerful symbols that are used in many other logos.

What is the difference between a marketing logo and a watermark?

A marketing logo is a picture or a combination of pictures and text that is used to brand and market a product or service to consumers. A logo may be used in a watermark. A watermark is an image that is placed on a photo or image so that the image cannot be reused without crediting the company tha ( Full Answer )

How many different versions of the State Farm logo are there?

State Farm has kept the same logo design for many years. They did recently contemporize their logo to reflect the name State Farm to be to the right of their three circle triangle formation design. The previous design had State Farm over this formation with each type of insurance they offered inside ( Full Answer )

How many different Barbie logos have there been?

Barbie is an American Doll by Mattel that first appeared in 1959 from the creator Ruth Handler who was inspired by the Bild Lilli doll. Dolls have come a long way since being made out of paper with cardboard clothes tabs to fold over the doll onto cloth dolls. Barbie has had more than 130 careers. T ( Full Answer )

How many different logos does Nike use?

Nike's logo is the Swoosh, a large streamlined black tick. Over the years there have been several variations on this; originally the name Nike appeared above the logo, but now the Swoosh generally appears on its own.

What makes vector logos different from other logos?

A vector logo is different from other logos because it is made using vector software and it is created for a company or service. It does not use pixels, like most logos do.

Where can one find different VW logo online?

It is not possible for one to find different VW (Volkswagen) logos online as the company has only one logo however, one can design their own VW logos from the following sources: Free Logo Services, Logo Maker, Flaming Text.

How do you add different logo to my page?

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