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The humans brain can think more than the animals brain

A humans brain could do a lot more than an animal's brain

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What Makes man different from animals?

One of the major differences between humans and animals is the level of brain function. Humans also have the ability to grasp objects with an opposable thumb.

What is the difference between a baby humans brain and a baby animals brain?

the brain is diffirent because the slime staff is difirent

Do both animals and humans have reward centers in the brain?

Both animals and humans do have reward centers in the brain. Both humans and animals feel happy or pleasure when the reward centers of the brain are stimulated.

What does a humans brain do that a animals can't do?

because animals of course have brain but their brain are small and humans brain are a bit bigger that's why the humans can do things that animals cant do such as thinking how to open a door a human brain gives signal to the hand and the hand opens the door but animals cant cause their brain is a bit complicated and thats why humans brain can do things that animal brain cannot

Can you think of any human activities that are not done by animals?

Except the working of brain no activity is different from animals of humans. That is because even humans are animals & yet there is no other way to live on this earth.

How is a frog brain different from a human brain?

A frogs brain is different than a humans beacuse they think about different things than humans do and they have a smaller brain with alot more blood cells, but humans have lots of blood cells too.

What is the difference between the human brain and the animal brain?

One difference is that humans have a larger neocortex than animals. Also, the convolutions resulting in gyri and sulci in the human brain is sometimes not seen in lower animals or is less complex.

Why is there a skull?

Humans and animals have skulls to protect the brain.

Do animals have a cerebum?

yes all animals have cerebum including humans. There are three parts of the brain and cerebum is one part of it. Plants are not like animals or like us humans therefore they do don't have a brain.

What does your brain do that animals dont?

First of all our brain is stronger than other animals!Its because that our brain is a nerve system its not our 5 senses.You see, you and other humans have different brains.Brains are part of our mind!Ok! the brain can control the body every move where as the animal Brain is not as spectacular as ours

What is different between human and animals brain?

One different is the human have a larger neocortex than a animals.Also,the convolutions resulting in gryi and sulci in the human brain is sometimes not seen in a lower animals or is less complex.

What are the animals with bigger brains than humans?

the dolphins brain is bigger than humans brain. They are 40% larger than human brains

Which part of the brain distinguishes humans from lower animals?

The cerebral cortex, which is common in humans and mammals.

Do animals use 100 percent of their brain capacity?

No, of course not, like humans, animals have a percentage of their brain, no matter how small, that they don't use.

Why are high temperatures dangerous?

There are many different health risks when it comes to a high temperature in humans and animals. Some of these risks include brain damage, brain infection, and febrile seizures.

What is the size difference between a dog's brain and a humans brain?

a dogs brain is 2 times smaller than a humans but can be very smart indeed

Do lobsters have a brain?

Yes, but it is very different from the humans brain because it does not feel pain.

How is your brain different from the brain of an animal?

In one sense, since humans are animals, your brain does not differ from the brina of an animal. human brains, and those of the other great apes, do differ from those of other animals in size relative to body size. In addition, human brains have structured that some other animals, reptiles, for example, lack.

Does animals have any other living thing in their brain?

Animals like humans have a brain, why should they have any other living thing? Please clarify what your question is.

What gives humans a right to test on animals?

If the motive of these testings are in the interests of both humans and animals for survival and better life for both ,then humans should get right to test on animals as they have better developed brain ( are more intelligent )

Are dolphins smart animals?

They are the smartest animals beside humans. In a brain to body comparison dolphins are very smart.

What does your brain let you do that animals cannot do?

Animals, specifically mammals, can do most things that humans can do. What humans do in a more sophisticated way, however, is emote. Humans are capable of more complex, empathetic feelings than are animals, and they are able to relate to each other accordingly. These emotions are what separate humans from the animals.

The difference between a human brain and a tigers brain?

There are many differences between a human brain and a tigers brain. The human brain is bigger than the tigers brain, and the tigers brain is wired for survival and hunting, whereas the humans brain is not.

What does the brain do for a rabbit?

Well they say that animals are smarter than humans... so wht doesnt a brain do for a rabbit? here's a question....... wht the heck does a brain do for you?

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