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what is diffrent pull and push

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Q: What is different between push and pull?
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What different between push and pull?

what is diffrent pull and push

What is the different between push and pull?

When you "PUSH" then you are going against "Gravitational Force" but when you are "PULLING" then you are going against force.

Is electric force a push or pull?

The force between two like charges is a push (they repel each other). The force between two different charges is a pull (they attract each other).

What is th difference between a push and a pull?

One you push and the other one you pull

Which is more easy between pull or push a body?

In practice, its easier to pull things

Difference between ridge push and slab pull?

ridge push is a force.

How is the force of gravity different from theforce when push or pull?

how is the force of gravity diffrerent from the force you apply when you push or pull something

What is the difference between push mail and pull mail?

push mail is pushed out from the exchange server. pull is pulled from your device

What are the two differences between force and pressure?

a force is a push or pull and pressure is a a push

Why push factor different from pull factor?

the difference is that a pull factor is pulling you to move or go there and a push factor is pushing you to leave the place

How ARE Push And Pull Different?

Push and Pull are different in this respect: Push is using potential energy to make an object move in the direction the energy is being released. Pull on the other hand, is using potential energy to move an object in the direction that the object pulling it is moving.

What is an example of a force?

Pull or push is an example of force

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