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What is direct deposit?

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Direct Deposit is a facility using which companies can credit the monthly paycheck or salary for their employees into their respective bank accounts. For example, my employer credits my salary on the 1st of every month into my bank account. All I have to do is submit a written request to my employer with the details of the bank account into which I want him to credit my monthly salary.

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Direct Deposit.. If they do not have your Direct Deposit set up for your first paycheck then sometimes you will get a paper check you can cash.

My direct deposit was in my bank on Thursday.

In most cases Chase Bank will post a direct deposit immediately, upon receiving the direct deposit. Chase Bank reserves the right to hold the direct deposit for up to 2 days.

Go to and they will help you set up direct deposit

According to Klein Bank's policies in regards to direct deposit, you can use a direct deposit on your account. Also, there is no direct deposit fee for Klein Bank.

Trying to Change Direct Deposit from California Bank & Trust TO Wells Fargo.

can. you get a heyday loan with a insight prepaid direct deposit card?

Some common deposit services are direct deposit, bank by mail, night deposit, and remote deposit capture.

Yes most states offer direct deposit for unemployment benefits. Contact your state's Department of Labor.

Use one of your checks or get direct deposit slip from your bank and take it to your manager and they will set it up for you

Contact human resources at your employment and request the change.

They don't offer it for regulat sale associates.. Only the MODs are allowed to have direct deposit

The purpose of a direct deposit form it to allow payments to be made directly to one's bank account. This is a common method used in larger corporations for direct deposit of one's earnings into a personal bank account.

Yes you can!! If you are trying to deposit into someone elses account, fill out your direct deposit form and provide their Bank ABA (routing number) and Account number. Direct Deposit is an ACH transaction. All you need for ACH transactions are the ABA and Acct numbers.

"The fsnb, or Fort Still National Bank, does offer direct deposit. To receive direct deposits you will be expected to fill out a form dependent on your title or description."

Direct TV may want a deposit if you have bad credit. You may not have to give them a deposit if your credit is good. You may also want to try a store that offers direct tv services instead of going directly through Direct tv.

There are many payroll service companies that offer direct deposit. Some of the most well known payroll service companies that offer direct deposit would be Intuit or US Bank.

US Bank offers free checking with direct deposit. Wells Fargo and Bank of America are two others that offer free checking with direct deposit. All of these banks have locations around the United States.

Login to the store computer and go to StoreNet. StoreNet >Tools > Direct Deposit > E-PayRoll.

Direct Deposit - 1994 TV was released on: USA: 25 September 1994 (TV premiere)

There are some companies that offer a pay check onto a prepaid credit card as form of payment, alternative to direct deposit. You can load some cards online with cash wich is almost like direct deposit.

A Pre-Note is a test deposit to see if the submitted banking information is correct, i.e., routing and account numbers. This is usually done on a new account set up for Direct Deposit.

NOTE: Your employer or authorize agency must have an agreement with the bank in order to do direct deposit. Your employer and/or an authorize agency can make a direct deposit into your account. You have to go to your employer or authorize agency that pays u money and give them a voided check and give them permission to direct deposit you salary/income into the your account. Every time you personally make a deposit into your account, it is directly deposited into the account. However, most banks will make you wait until the next day to actually make a cash withdrawal. You cannot make a regular deposit look like a direct deposit because direct deposit usually come from an employer that electronically transmits your salary info only to the banks that they have an agreement with.

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