What is dish network code for auvio remote control?

We don't have codes available for the auvio remote yet. I have provided instructions on how you can perform a power scan for the code on your DISH remote. If this doesn't work, I would contact auvio to see if they have a code for you.

Address To Other Equipment Using Power Scan
  • Remote: All Remotes (except Basic)
    1. With the desired equipment on, press and hold the correct Mode button until all mode button backlights illuminate, then release.
    2. Press and release the Power button.
      AUX Mode: Before pressing and releasing the Power button
      • Press 0 for a TV
      • Press 1 for a VCR/DVD
      • Press 2 for any other device
      Then Press STAR (*)
    3. Press the Up button once a second while pointing the remote at the desired equipment.
      Note: If the code for the equipment comes up, the equipment will power off.
    4. Press the POUND (#) button.
      Note: If the code entered is valid for the remote, the mode light flashes three times.