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Q: What is distance from new zealand to panama canal?
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What is now the distance from new york to san francisco by means of the panama canal how much shorter is the new path?

It would be 18,000miles shorter. If using Panama Canal.

Which canal provides a shotcut for ships traveling from New York City to San Francisco?

The Panama Canal, which cuts across the Isthmus of Panama.

How many nautical miles away is new Orleans from the panama canal?

how many nautical miles from new orleans to the panama canal

Are people making a new Panama Canal?

They aren't necissarily making a "new panama canal," but they are expanding and adding onto the current one.

What is the distance of New Zealand?

the distance of new zealand is 2 inches

When was the new Panama Canal Treaty between the US and Panama signed in?

1977 ;

How big is Panama compared with New Zealand?

Panama has a total area of about 78 400km2 and New Zealand almost 268 700km2. Therefore, New Zealand is nearly 3 1/2 times as large as Panama in area.

What direction does the cruise ship go on the panama canal from New York to san francisco?

newyork to sanfrancisco on the panama canal

What year was A new Panama Canal Treaty between the US and Panama signed in?

1977 ;

Which canal provides a shortcut for ships traviling from New York to sanfransico?

Panama Canal

What is the Panama canal?

The panama canal is a canal that you can cross the atlantic and pacific coastsThe Panama Canal is a man-made canal in Panama which joins the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. It opening in 1914 and is 48 miles long. It is estimated that the building of the canal cost 27,500 lives. A ship sailing from New York to San Francisco saves about 8,000 miles by using the canal.

When will Panama Canal new Locks be completed?

You guys are stupid

When will the new construction in the panama canal be completed?

in the 2013.......... i think

Where is closest volcano to new york state?

Panama canal

What are the differences between the Panama Canal and the Erie Canal?

There are many differences between the Panama and Erie Canal. First is location. The Panama Canal is in the country of Panama in Central America. The Erie Canal is located in New York State. Second the Panama Canal connects two oceans: the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. The Erie Canal connects the Atlantic Ocean/Hudson River with Lake Erie. Thirdly, the Panama Canal allows ocean going vessels through the canal. The Erie Canal had much smaller barges.

Is New Zealand closer to Australia Panama or Mongolia?

Of the three choices, New Zealand is closer to Australia.

What is the distance from panama and New York?

From Albany, New York, United States to Panama City, Panama, Panama it is 2,356 miles.

What is the flying distance from NYC to New Zealand?

The flight distance from New York to New Zealand is about 8,980 miles.

What is the Distance from Auckland in New Zealand to waikato in New Zealand?

about 130km

Which canal provides a shortcut for ships traveling from New York City to San Francisco?

The Panama canal

What canal in Central America would you sail to get from New York to Los Angeles?

That would be the Panama Canal.

When will the panama canal new construction be completed?

the answer is Theodore Roosevlet 1995

If you took a cruise from New York City to San Francisco what direction would you travel on the Panama Canal?

You would transit the Panama Canal going South.

What is the distance in miles from Nelson New Zealand to Christchurch New Zealand?

The shortest driving distance is 254 miles.

Why did construction of the Panama Canal construction?

if ships wanted to get from New York to California they had to travel all around south America and now they don't cause the panama canal is basically a shortcut. the panama canal connects the Atlantic ocean to the pacific ocean.