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Q: What is distance of 7x50 binoculars?
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What does 7x50 mean with binoculars?

The 7 is the magnification produced - it is a ratio of the focal lengths of the lens at the eyepiece and the front (objective) lens. The 50 is width of the objective lens - in millimetres.

Is His heart was beating like a drum is an example of?

Imagery or hyperbole- exaggeration for effect, wild exaggeration at times. ()eyes as big as 7X50 binoculars as he looked at Gina Lollobrigida!)

How do you calculate distance with the use of binoculars?

The binoculars are calibrated with a scale that reads out the distance based upon the angle between the two ocular tubes. The greater the angle, the closer the object.

Why are binoculars shorter than telescopes?

Binoculars are shorter than telescopes because of the prism located in them that shorten the length of the light waves. The lens in the tubes of the binoculars allows for the magnification of the objects seen in the distance.

How do you focus binoculars?

There is usually a knob on the binoculars for you to adjust the focus. When the focal length is adjusted, images of varying sharpness is obtained. Thus yu are adjusting the distance of the lens.

What are Opera glasses used for?

Opera glasses are small binoculars used for viewing at a middle distance.

What is the plural of binoculars?


What is an antonym for binoculars?

There is no antonym for binoculars

What is the antonym for binoculars?

There is not an antonym for binoculars.

What is the difference between binoculars and celestron binoculars?

The difference between binoculars and celestron binoculars is that celestron binoculars can see farther and closer. But of course they do cost a lot more.

What is binoculars in tagalog?

Binoculars in Tagalog is Largabista.

What is a binoscope?

A binoscope is a type of binary telescope or long-distance binoculars, used in amateur astronomy or artillery sighting.

What does binoculars mean?

what does binoculars short version mean!!

How many lenses do binoculars have?

Binoculars have seven lenses.

What do you multiply to get 350?

Two numbers that you multiple to get 350 are 1x350 2x175 5x70 7x50 10x35 25x14

What do you use to make distance objects appear and larger?

You can use binoculars, a telescope, and if u don't have that, a zoom lense on a camera

What are binoculars used for?

they are used to see further away objects.they make you see far distance objects more closely

What are binoculars?

Binoculars are like a pair of telescopes fixed together so there is one for each eye. The distance between them is adjustable for different people and they can be focussed on whatever you are looking at. They are vital for birdwatching, watching horse racing and in the military.

Do binoculars float?

why dont you just get some binoculars and test it?

What are spin offs of binoculars?

what are some spin offs of binoculars

When was Binoculars Building created?

Binoculars Building was created in 1991.

What brands of binoculars are sold by Binoculars dot com?

The Binoculars website sell many brands of binoculars. One can buy Zhumell, Bushnell, Nikon, Barska, Leica, Vortex, Zeiss, Alpen and Steiner brand binoculars from them.

What is a synonym for binoculars?

Synonyms for the noun binoculars are field glasses, lorgnette, pince-nez, prism binoculars, or opera glasses.

What kind of prisms are in swarovski binoculars?

Swarovski binoculars have roof prism.

Do binoculars refract light?

The lenses in binoculars do -- that's how focusng works.