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Dodgeball is when you have two or moor people on each side of a court. The objective

of the game is to hit the opisite team with the balls, causing them to get off the court.

the team with the last man standing Wins. This game is tipicaley played with 5 to 10

players, in a gymnaseum or P.E. class with soft kickballs or balls made of foam. In my

opinion Dodgeball is an extremley fun game. Its a great way to have fun with friends

and burn off some weight whail your at it.

It is also one of the best games/sport ever!

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Was Jim Carrey in dodgeball?

No, he was not in Dodgeball

When was dodgeball invented?

Dodgeball was invented when the cavemen lived

How do you play Prison Dodgeball?

its a simple answer really..........there is no prison dodgeball

A old dodgeball player?

There are no legitimate professional dodgeball players.

Is it legal to play dodgeball in new jersey?

No dodgeball is not legal

What is the average dodgeball salary?

There is no official professional dodgeball league therefore there is no salary.

How do you win dodgeball?

You win dodgeball when every person in the opposite team has gotten out.

What is the perimeter of a dodgeball pitch?

The Dodgeball pitch is the same size of a basketball court.

When did Extreme Dodgeball end?

Extreme Dodgeball ended on 2005-11-22.

When was Extreme Dodgeball created?

Extreme Dodgeball was created on 2004-06-15.

Who played the romanian dodgeball player Fran in the movie dodgeball?

Missi Pyle

When did Super Dodgeball Brawlers happen?

Super Dodgeball Brawlers happened in 2008.

When did Double D Dodgeball happen?

Double D Dodgeball happened in 2008.

When was National Dodgeball League created?

National Dodgeball League was created in 2004.

How much time do you get at a dodgeball game?

The time given in a dodgeball game depends on the importance of a specific game, like, for example, a championship game of dodgeball would have a longer time duration than of a regular season game of dodgeball

Who did Ben Stiller play in Dodgeball?

Ben Stiller portrayed White Goodman in the 2004 comedy Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story.More dodgeball Movie stats here

Does a pro dodgeball league exist?

Yes, it is called the National Dodgeball League. Click on the 'National Dodgeball League' link under the answer to go to their website to learn more.

About how many parents in Washington think dodgeball is a great activity?

A lot of parents HATE dodgeball!!!!!

What year did dodgeball created?

Dodgeball was created in 1832 by Augustus Hagerson. I hope this answers your question.

Why does my shoulder hurt after i threw a dodgeball?

because a dodgeball is so light has no friction when you're throwing.

When was Super Dodgeball Brawlers created?

Super Dodgeball Brawlers was created on 2008-03-19.

When was Double D Dodgeball created?

Double D Dodgeball was created on 2008-07-16.

What is the girls name on dodgeball?

In the film 'dodgeball' the female player for the average joe's is called Kate Veatch.

Why do you play dodgeball?

i play dodgeball because it is fun when you get a bunch o people to pile on the fat kid

Why is dodgeball called dodgeball?

because in the game you have to dodge ball so not get hit and that is why it is called dodge ball :).

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