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They eat crabs, lobsters, and other shellfish.

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What eats octopus?

Whales eat octopus [sperm whales have giant octopus as a favorite food]. Octopus eat each other octopus. Humans eat octopus. Anything that can catch an octopus (that isn't easy) will eat it. Killer whales [or Orcas, a kind of toothed whale] eat octopuses.

What animal eat a octopus?

a Barracuda eat o octopus

Do octopus eat octopus?


What does tree octopus eat?

tree octopus eat sea squirrels.

What does a octopus eat?

Octopus eat crabs , shellfish , starfish , etc...

What would eat an octopus?

other octopus.

What animals eat a octopus?

A shark or other big fish eat a octopus.

Does an octopus eat humans?

of course it doesnt we are more likely to eat an octopus! :)

Does the octopus eat seahorse?

octopus will eat almost anything,, seahorse has no chance

What does the octopus eat?

Many octopus eat small fish,snails,crabs and clams.Many octopus eat small fish,snails,crabs and clams.

What food do Octopus eat?

Octopus are carnivorous and they will eat anything that they can catch, particularly crustaceans.

Do great white sharks eat octopus?

yesThe great white shark can eat a octopus just because a octopus is is bigger then a shark doesn't mean the shark can't eat it. the shark can eat a octopus with its really sharp teeth.

Can an octopus eat a snake?

It could if the snake did not know it was there, and it depends on the octopus size. If the snake wrapped around the octopus to eat, the octopus can grab its head and attack it back.

What is the diet of the flapjack octopus?

they eat small crabs and they eat about every thing all the other octopus eat

Can an octopus eat a bird?

It can if the octopus was lying in the tidepool and the bird approached the octopus. It depends how big is the octopus also.

Can you eat raw octopus?

no you cannot eat raw octopus because you wiil get very sick.

Do octopus eat butterfly's?

No butterflies are not so much as near the octopus, therefore they cannot eat them.

What does a purple octopus eat?

Whatever an Orange Octopus Eats.

Can a giant octopus eat a dolphin?

A giant octopus can eat one if they can catch one, because they can eat sharks too.

Would a Shark eat an Octopus?

No because the octopus will squirt it's ink at the shark and the shark cant see so it doesn't eat the octopus.

Can an octopus eat a jellyfish?

no because the jellyfish has sting rayz and it can sting the octopus to make it painfull to eat..

Are Octopus Carnivors?

Octopus are mostly carnivorous as they eat fishes. Some of them are omnivores as they eat plants too.

How do you eat octopus?

you cook it, stuff it and eat it.

Who eats the octopus?

Some whale,and some sharks do eat octopus.

Why does an octopus need suckers?

Because suckers enables an octopus to eat.