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Generally a tune up consists of spark plugs, wires, cap and rotor(DIS ignition has no cap/rotor), fuel filter, air filter, PCV valve. This is the general type. Others may define tune up another way and include other things. I define it this way. Going a bit further, there can be a timing belt replacement and further. But the general idea of tune up is the necessities I listed in the first line.

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Q: What is done to a car during a tune up?
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How do you keep my car from stalling when stepping on the gas from a complete stop?

I do not do anything. You need to have a tune up done on your car.

How to perform a basic car tune up for your car?

You can perform a basic car tune up for your car by firstly, going to your local mechanical works store or hardware store and purchasing a car tune up kit and following the instructions.

Will a warranty for a car cover a tune up?

No, a car warranty will not cover a tune up. A tune up is considered a minor fixing of a normally occuring problem with the car. A warranty is used to cover major problems with the car, problems that were caused by the manufacturer.

What should a tune up cost and what does tune up include?

You need to tell us what sort of tune up you are talking about ... HOME , CAR .... etc.

A driver must have a car tune up every six months.?

A driver must have a car tune up every six months.

When you are driving your car hesitates what can this be?

Time for a tune-up.

Why does your car hessitate when you drive it?

Time for a tune-up.

Checklist for 1998 Lexus ES300 100000 miles tune up?

First you need 1000 take your car to the tech. And done

My car is smoking a lot and making explosive noises, does it need a tune up?

Yes, take your car to a mechanic. It may need more than a tune-up.

1991 Lincoln town car backfires after tune up has been done?

Strong possibilty of crossing 2 or more of the Spark Plug Wires.

What does it men haen your car is sputtering?

It needs a tune up.

Why does my car shudder when accelerating?

Could be in need of a tune up.

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