What is double cousin marriage?

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Double cousins are formed when two siblings from one family marry two siblings from another family, and both couples have children.
For example, Jane and Elizabeth are sisters. Tom and David are unrelated brothers. Jane married Tom and have a daughter, Sarah. Elizabeth married David and had a son, George. George and Sarah would be double cousins.

It is against the law for Sarah and George to marry in many but not all places, as they are first cousins.
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What is a cousin?

Answer . A cousin is the child of your parent's sister/s and brother/s ( you call your parent's sister/s or brother/s 'aunt' and 'uncle'.) Your parents would call your cousins their nieces and nephews.

What is a double first cousin?

It occurs when two siblings in one family marry two siblings in another family. An example would be .... Sally and Sue Smith are sisters. Joe and John Doe are brothers. Sally married Joe...they have a child Rick, Sue marries John and they have a child Mary. Mary and Rick are double first cousins. Be ( Full Answer )

Can you your cousin?

Yup. But it's frowned upon and if you get married and plan to have children please get genetic testing first.

What are double cousins?

Double cousins would be like this: Bob and Sally are brother andsister. They meet Greg and Amy who are brother and sister. Bob andAmy get married and Sally and Greg get married. A set of brotherand sister married a set of brother and sister, so their childrenwill be double cousins (meaning they'll b ( Full Answer )

If you are related to a cousin by marriage are they still your cousin if the parents get a divorce?

If your parents divorce then yes, your cousin still remains your cousin. A cousin is the children of your mother or father's siblings (your aunts or uncles). Such as brother or sister's children. This will make them first cousins to you. Just because your parent's divorce you are still related by bl ( Full Answer )

Is marriage between cousins dangerous?

Yes, for many reasons. Firstly, it is widely considered immoral, as marrying your cousin would be incest. Secondly, if you were to have children, scientifically, they would be weaker and sub-par in comparison to other people of their age. This is because the fetus would consume similar hormones from ( Full Answer )

Who is your cousin?

Your cousin is anyone who is descended from a sibling of one of your ancestors. Your first cousin is the child of your aunt or uncle. Your second cousin is the grandchild of your great aunt or great uncle.

Are second cousin marriages safe?

Genetic counseling is recommended for first cousin marriages. The risk of a deleterious shared recessive trait between second cousins is so small that it is not even a consideration unless there is a known hereditary problem in the family.

Cousin marriage in India?

I'm surprised to see this world where marriage between 2 boys or 2 girls is purely legal but between cross cousind not.Very pity on this thing.

What is the church's teaching on marrying a first cousin by marriage?

I am not quite sure about the Catholic church, but in the Anglican Church marriage of first cousins is acceptable and not included in the 'forbidden' list in the Book of Common Prayer, as cousings are deemed far enough apart genetically to not be a problem. In history, many first cousins (especially ( Full Answer )

What if you like your cousins but are related by Marriage?

All cousins are related. Those who are related by marriage are not biologically related so developing a relationship with them is only a matter of convention.. However, even marriage between first cousins is not unknown and is legal in some jurisdictions.

What is a double cousin marriage?

Lets say you only have ONE first cousin.... Your mom and your cousin's mom are sisters. Your father and your cousin's father are brothers. Doubling the genes you have in common.... or. your mom and your cousin's dad are brother and sister... and your dad and your cousin's mom are brother and sist ( Full Answer )

What does double first cousins double second cousins and cousins once removed mean?

Double first cousins arise when two siblings reproduce with another set of siblings and the resulting children are related to each other through both parents' families. Double first cousins share both sets of grandparents in common and have double the degree of consanguinity than ordinary first cou ( Full Answer )

What can you do with a cousin?

well it depends what you want to do i mean if you want to you can have sex its kinda wrong but its your choice

Can you have a cousin through marriage?

No. A cousin is a person who is related to you because you are both descended from some common ancestor (and you are not parent/child or siblings.) Yes and No type of question. No-As oringal poster is right you dont share common ancestor. But yes cousin can been by marriage if its you Cousin Ha ( Full Answer )

Is marriage between fifth cousins dangerous?

No. Fifth cousin marriages take place all the time in communities of moderate and even large size, and in many cases, no one even knows that such a relationship exists between the two people.

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What is a double half-cousin?

Let's start small, break this into pieces, and work our way to the big picture; shall we? Okay, a half-cousin is a person who only shares one grandparent with you. For example, if grandpa remarried to another woman and had your half-uncle (the half-brother of your parent), then your half-uncle's ( Full Answer )

Catholics view on first cousin marriage?

The Roman Catholic church permits marriage between first cousins providing a dispensation is obtained from your bishop (as is required when a Catholi marries a non-Catholic).

Is viral pneumonia a first cousin marriage disease?

No. Viral pneumonia is caused by a virus. The diseases that are, rarely, the result of first cousin marriages are genetic diseases, appear only in the ofspring, and are not transmissible to others except through the creation of more children.

Does the Mormon religion accept 2nd cousin marriages?

Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the "Mormon" church) are generally not told who they can and cannot marry, but encouraged to have a legal heterosexual marriage. A Mormon Bishop would not perform a marriage between first cousins (which is illegal in most places anyway) but ( Full Answer )

Is marriage between first cousins allowed?

The occasional marriage of first cousins does not seem to be problematic if there are not too many weaknesses in the extended family. But too much of it seems to multiply inherent weaknesses. It depends too if there is some new blood in the mix or if there has been some fairly close marriage generat ( Full Answer )

Who are your cousins cousins?

your aunt and uncle's children .your aunt and uncle are related to you which makes your cousins related to you.

How can your mother's first cousin be your cousin once removed but also a cousin by marriage is also a cousin once removed?

Your mother's first cousin is always your first cousin, once removed. That is at the core of what first cousins and removed cousins are. That relationship will never change; your mother's first cousin will always be your first cousin, once removed. The term "cousin by marriage" is relatively new an ( Full Answer )

Who are your cousins?

Anyone descended from a brother or sister of one of your direct ancestors is your cousin. There are different names for different kinds of cousins. . For example, your first cousins are the children of your aunts and uncles. . Your second cousins are the grandchildren of your great aunts and grea ( Full Answer )