What is double wonders Chinese food?

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jumbo shrimp and tender morsels of chicken marinated in a succulent sauce then sautéed with Chinese vegetables and a delicately seasoned hot sauce
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Why do the Chinese double crop?

China does both double and triple cropping. It is the mostpopulated country in the world with 1.351 billion people. Doubleand triple cropping help China with its rising demand for food.

Where is Chinese food?

Chinese cuisine, due to its popularity, has become a source forfusion cuisine. Where immigrants from China landed a new form ofcuisine was created to suite the new area. As Chinese cuisine hasspread globally, it has been adapted to local tastes andingredients and modified by the local cuisine, to gr ( Full Answer )

What is Chinese food?

There a lot of Chinese foods. Chinese foods is of course from Chinawhich is located in Asia. The most famous and traditional Chinesefoods include: nian gao, zong zi and also the fa gao. You will findlots of Chinese restaurants around so maybe you can try some out.

Chinese food in New York?

There are several restaurants in the New York area that has Chinesefood. A few Chinese restaurants are Chef Yu, 88 Palace, and HotKitchen.

What food do the Chinese eat?

The Chinese people eat a variety of foods. Commonly consumed foodsinclude rice, wheat products, corn, sweet potatoes, and beans.

What did the Chinese use to transport food?

Because the king's wife, which was the Queen wants to eat cherries. Of course the King of the nation can't refuse. Because if he had refused; the labour will be asking him if the they became sick and dying of diseases will he care for them?So,the king decided that he will sent people from the capita ( Full Answer )

How do you cook Chinese food?

This question is about as reasonable as asking, "How do you cookAmerican food?" The answer is the same: many different ways. Chinese cuisine is one of the oldest (if not THE oldest) on theplanet. It has evolved for thousands of years. Chinese chefs whoused to cook for the Emperors had to come up w ( Full Answer )

Is Chinese food healthy?

It isn't "chinese food" exactly, it can be any type, but it only depends how much food you store in your body.

Can you freeze Chinese food?

Sure you can! Why not? People do it all the time when they order too much. I've done it before and it still taste good!

How do Chinese people eat their food?

Chinese people usually eat most of their food with chopsticks.Spoons are also used, but typically only for soup. During a typical Chinese meal, all the dishes are put on the tableand everyone helps themselves to what they want with the chopsticksthey use to eat. (Serving utensils are not usually use ( Full Answer )

What is in Chinese food?

Usually Chinese people eat rice as their main diet every day.Many of them in north China like to eat noodles and steamed bread. It contain meat with vegetables in steamed stuffed bun . When talk abt the dishes in China , i'd like to introduce u the most famous Chinese dishes.Beijin Duck and Kung Pao ( Full Answer )

When do Chinese eat their food?

Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Chinese eat breakfast when they wake up before they go off to school, work, or start their day. This could range anywhere from 6am to 8am. Lunch is usually around noon. Dinner depending on lifestyle can range from 5pm to 7pm. Some Chinese also have a late nig ( Full Answer )

What is the best Chinese food dish?

What the best Chinese food dish is a opinion. Few will ever agreeon which one is the best though egg rolls most would probably putinto the top best dishes.

Translate wonderful world to Chinese?

奇妙的世界 (qi miao de shi jie). by the way, I am Chinese, I came from Beijing. Do you want to be my penfriend? Because I want to study English, and I can teach you Chinese too.. You can send mail to me : bxwenqi@gmail.com

What Chinese food do Chinese people eat?

fresh vegetables and rice Chinese food can be roughly divided into eight regional cuisines, which has been widely accepted around.

Foods with double letters?

beef . noodles . spaghetti . jelly . waffles . taffy . coffee cake . green beans . lettuce . carrots . apples . dill pickles . cheese . pizza . dressing . jello . Cheetos . cookies . muffins . rolls . cherries . strawberries . raspberries . blueberries . blackberries . vanil ( Full Answer )

What are some foods with double letters?

Le tt uce, ca bb age, pinea pp le, bro cc oli, bru ss els sprouts, pu dd ing, ca rr ot, e gg , ch ee se, pi zz a, ci nn amon, k oo l-aid, co ffee , pe pp eroni, c oo kie, etc.

What is a food with double letters?

are you kidding me. do u live in India or something and not know what food is. Cheese pizza mozzarella pudding coffee ice cream skittles waffles chicken patty lettuce

Foods that have double letters?

there are lots such as : lettuce, cabbage, apple,carrot,waffle,egg.i'm sure there is more, i just do not know all of them cx

What are types of foods with double letters?

Foods with double letters:. apples . angel food cake . blue berries . beef jerky . brussel sprouts . burritos . butter . cheese . coffee cake . cherries . cotton candy . cinnamon rolls . carrots . cookies . dill pickles . eggs . fennel . green beans . gummy bears . Hostess Cupake ( Full Answer )

What is Chinese food called double sauteed pork?

Double Satueed Pork is a Chinese dish made with thin slices of pork, chuncks of green peppers, mushrooms, and cabbage. The pork is cooked once, then sliced and sauteed again in the wok with the vegetables. It is sauteed in a deep brown light Chinese traditional sauce. Delicious.

What food in Chinese?

mainly Chinese food,sometimes go out eating would choose Western food or others.P.S.China have eight major cuisines.different places have different tastes.

How did Chinese food get to America?

With Chinese immigrant's, many came to build the trans Continental railroad. Eventually Chinese communities were formed.

What double letter words are foods?

beet . apples . batter . beef . berries (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries etc.) . burritos . butter . carrots . cinnamon buns . Cheetos . cherries . cheese . coffee cake . cookies . cottage cheese . dressing . eggs . green beans . jelly . lettuce . marshmallows . muffin . ( Full Answer )

Food names with double letters in them?

egg, cabbage broccoli brussels sprouts pudding lettuce carrot cheese pineapple pizza cinnamon kool-aid coffee pepperoni cookie apple

What is the Chinese word for fish food?

One phrase that can be used is 鱼饲料 yu(2) si(4) liao(4), 饲料 refers to animal feed in general, 鱼 is fish.

Which is worse Chinese food or McDonald's food?

i had been living and still live in china for the past 4 years infact Chinese ( real ) Chinese food is not really all that healthy as the vegetables are often dirty and on average Chinese people eat tons of pork rather than beef and constantly only know how to cook one way/style and that ( Full Answer )

Is Chinese food a drug?

well it could be but i doubt it. some food is addictive, think about chocolate.

What foods do Russians and Chinese eat?

China has several regional cuisines which range from mild to spicy. Northern Chinese use noodles made of wheat. In the South, they use more rice and all kinds of meat. Russians eat foods similar to Eastern European foods. They use a lot of potatoes, wheat, and are famous for a soup called Borscht ( Full Answer )

What is the Chinese system of food cures?

The Chinese system of food cures regards dietary regulation as preventive medicine as well as a corrective measure to be undertaken once someone falls ill.

Is Chinese food halal?

Typically Chinese food is not halal. However a large Muslim population is present in many of the western provinces, especially that border Pakistan, India, Kazakhstan such as Xinjiang. It is often easy to find halal food, and many restaurants and grocery stores in the area serve halal food to all pa ( Full Answer )

Chinese food in the 1920s?

Was quite delious food from china mailed in large wooden crates that obtained mold on numerous occasions but everyone ate it.

Is Chinese food the same as Asian food?

Asian food refers to any type of food from Asia. Chinese food is more specifically food from China. Because China is part of Asia, Chinese food is Asian food, but Asian food isn't necessarily Chinese food.

Do the Japanese eat Chinese food?

Japanese people probably do eat Chinese food. Chinese and Japanese foods have similarities that suggest that they developed some foods together. Both cultures have access to the other's food, but would consider it international.

Is ice cream chinese food?

Ice cream is not specifically a Chinese food. That said, there are many flavors that are served in Chinese restaurants that aren't served in other places. They include green tea ice cream and ginger ice cream.

Why is Chinese food great?

Chinese food is great because it includes many food groups. The rice is a healthy grain, and most dishes include vegetables. The sauces used in Chinese food are sweet or salty and very flavorful.

Is Chinese food really Chinese?

That depends on what chinese food you eat. It's really for a good taste if you eat the traditional chinese food.

Is Chinese food American in origen?

Of course not! There is a reason Chinese food is called Chinese food. Anyways the Chinese have been around way before there was even an America.

What is Tofu in Chinese food?

Tofu is a cheese like material, instead of making it from milk, it is made from soya milk.

Is Chinese food in the food group?

Chinese food does not have its own food group. Its foods are indifferent food groups, depending on what kind.

What type of food Chinese eat?

Any Food They Want To Because There Chinese Doesn't Mean They Eat Something Relating To Chinese Nature!