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What is douching?

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That is a method used to rinse out the vaginal interior. You use a mild solution. Most are prepackaged and ready to use now, insert the little end and rinse out the interior area of the vagina. It is not recommended to do on a regular basis as it can cause your delicate inner lining to become unbalanced pH wise or to get some sort of yeast problem.
Douche. It is the process of cleaning the female genitals by irrigation, usually with water.

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Is douching safe for anus?

Douching is safe for the anus.

Is douching healthy in pregnancy?

No. Douching is never healthy and should be avoided. The vagina is self cleaning and douching makes it easier to get infections.

How does douching effect pregnancy?

You shouldn't be douching during pregnancy unless you are following your Dr's orders. Douching can lead to infections that can be harmful to both you and your baby.

Does douching cure chlamydia?

Douching does not cure chlamydia. On the contrary, douching can increase the risk of pelvic inflammatory disease and infertility due to chlamydia. Douching is not a healthful practice; you would be hard-pressed to find a female OBGYN who douches. Please seek treatment for chlamydia from your health care provider, and quit douching.

Can douching be harmful?

Yes! The vagina is selfcleaning so douching is not necessary and it can mess up the natural flora of the vagina and make it easier for you it get infections. If you do it because you think it smells bad it can be the douching that makes it smell bad. So if you have that problem you should seek a doctor and not douching.

Can douching delay your period?

No, douching doesn't effect your period at all - when your period is due is determined by your menstrual cycles, nothing about douching could effect this. FYI douching is unhygenic and unsafe as it effects vaginal pH, strips vaginal tissues or moisture, and can force harmful bacteria further into the vagina - douching increases risks of vaginal infections, TSS, STD's and PID.

Does douching after sex push seman farther up in vagina?

Douching has no effect on getting pregnant - you might as well not bother. Douching is just for making you have a "clean" feeling and is not needed except if you have an infection.

Is there a grace period in which douching can prevent infection with chlamydia from pre-ejaculate?

No there is not.Douching is not effective against STDsDouching is more likely to cause vaginal infection and PID than cure itDouching is not a healthful practice. For this reason, you'd be unlikely to find a female OBGYN who douches.

Does douching stop your period?


Can douching cause miscarriages?

No. But douching should never be done whether you are pregnant or not. You make it easier to get infections by disrupting the natural bacteria flora in the vagina. And then you might have a miscarriage. Douching is not needed. The vagina is self cleaning.

Can turpentine be used while douching?

if douching means what i think it means, then yes it can be used, but i highly doubt it's safe.

Can douching hurt your baby at the being of your pregnancy?

Probably not, but douching is a bad idea either way...wouldn't recommend it, pregnant or not.

Does douching with yogurt help you get pregnant?


What is an intimate wash?

like douching

Is douching with water safe?


Is douching harmful for the baby?


How do I stop douching how do I balance the good and bad bacteria?

Left alone, your system will manage quite nicely on its own. Douching is not necessary.

Can douching kill sperm inside the body?

Douching, even with a spermicidal solution, will only eliminate sperm in the Vagina, it will not affect any that have already entered the Uterus. Generally, douching is a very tiresome way of getting pregnant and an ineffective means of contraception.

Will douching stop your period?

No ,it shouldn't do. jen

Does douching kill sperm?

Douching after intercourse is estimated to reduce the chances of conception by only 15-25%. In comparison, proper condom use reduces the chance of conception by as much as 97%. Douching may force the ejaculate further into the vagina, increasing the chance of pregnancy.

Is douching healthy?

Nope, quite the contrary! When douching you change the flora of the vagina which makes it easier to get infections. The vagina is self cleaning and should never be washed.

When douching while pregnant can it harm the baby?

Douching while pregnant cannot harm the baby directly, however douching can sometimes lead to yeast infections. Yeast infections also do not harm the baby directly, however they can get thrush (yeast infection in their mouth) if you give birth while infected.

Can douching block you tubes to prevent you from getting pregnant?

No. Douching however is bad for the vagina and can change the natural flora so you get infections easier. The vagina is self cleaning which is what the discharge is for.

Can douching with vinegar stop a pregnancy not prevent it but stop it in it's track?

No. Vinegar will not make you abort and douching will not do it either. If you are pregnant the uterus is closed so nothing goes inside.

Will douching shorten your menstrual cycle?

The application of douching solutions will not alter menstrual cycles. Menstrual cycles are however influenced by age, genetics, hormonal activity and even lunar cycles.