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"Dragonflies are in the Order Odonata, and the Suborder Anisoptera (which means 'unequal wing')."

So it's Odonata.

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What is the latin name for dragonfly?

The latin name for a dragonfly is Anisoptera.

Latin name for dragonfly?

The dragonfly's latin name is Anisoptera.

What is the latin name for whitetail?

# The White-tailed deer has the Latin name Odocoileus virginianus # The two common species of the White-tailed spider have the Latin names Lampona cylindrata and Lampona murina # The Common Whitetail dragonfly has the Latin name Libellula lydia

What can a dragonfly do?

a dragonfly can fly in the air

What is the species for a dragonfly?

A dragonfly is an insect.

What is the name of dragonfly in English?


Why is a dragonfly not a fly?

why is a dragonfly not a fly

What are the life stages of a dragonfly nymph?

1. dragonfly nymph 2. dragonfly emerges from nymph stage 3. adult dragonfly

How do you make a sentence with the word dragonfly?

Both the butterfly and the dragonfly are insects, but the dragonfly is larger.

What preys on the dragonfly?

Birds prey on the dragonfly.

Is a dragonfly a reptile?

A dragonfly is an INSECT ! Not a reptile !

What is the classification of a dragonfly?

A dragonfly is a flying insect.

What is classification of a dragonfly?

The classification in which a dragonfly is.... Anisozygoptera

What is the plural for dragonfly?

The plural of dragonfly is dragonflies.

What is the word 'dragonfly' when translated from English to Japanese?

Tonbo, is the Japanese word for dragonfly

What is the word 'dragonfly' when translated from English to Indonesian?

Dragonfly in Indonesian language is capung.

How much bigger was a dragonfly than a dragonfly from the past?

we don't know but a past dragonfly was bigger.

Does the dragonfly nymph look like the adult dragonfly?

Dragonfly nymphs are aquatic and do not closely resemble the adults. See the link for a picture of a dragonfly nymph.

How does a dragonfly see the world?

A dragonfly has large multifaceted eyes, which allows a dragonfly to see the world. There are several types of dragonflies, including the emperor dragonfly.

What can Dragonfly Larva do that a Dragonfly cannot?

A dragonfly larvae can eat underwater and an adult dragonfly cannot. The larvae have extendable jaws to catch other larvae.

What color is a girl dragonfly and a boy dragonfly?

A boy dragonfly has colours on it and a girl drongonfly has dark courlers

How do you say dragonfly in Japanese?

The Japanese for Dragonfly is "Tombo"

What is the symbolism of the dragonfly in china?

The dragonfly represents illusion.

How many feet does a dragonfly have?

A dragonfly has six legs

Can a dragonfly kill you?

No, a dragonfly can't kill you if they bite you.

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