What is dry socket?

Dry socket is a layman's term for alveolar osteitis. The alveolus is the part of the jawbone that supports the teeth, and osteitis means simply "bone inflammation". It is a post-operative complication of tooth extraction. It occurs when the newly formed blood clot in the extraction site is prematurely lost or disrupted or doesn't form correctly and hence there is a delay in the normal healing process. Alveolar osteitis is a painful phenomenon that most commonly occurs a few days following the removal of mandibular teeth.(usually third molar) To avoid this, do not smoke or use contraceptives (oral contraceptive extractions should be performed during days 23 through 28 of the tablet cycle), don't drink through a straw, dont spit or rinse too much, and maintain good oral hygiene and keep the area clean with a soft tooth brush. Return to your dentist if you have a bad taste or smell in your mouth. I think that's about it. Hope it helps.