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What is e-commerce portal?



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An ecommerce portal is an online portal which you can use to avail information, shop from, or connect with people. E is used for online, commerce implies business. So basically e-commerce portal is an online business portal. These days, you can go online to buy everything from property to cars to dresses to lingerie. You can also order salon services or medicines. You can also find you life partner online.

Check out Jabong to get a better understanding of e-commerce. It is one of the most popular online shopping portals in Iindia.

challenges in e-comerce

usually a search engine that may include varied content or services. A high volume of user traffic makes advertising profitable and permits further diversification of site services. A personalized portal allows customization of the interface and content to the user. A niche portal cultivates a well-defined user demographic. [Yahoo!]