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Editorial Photography refers to the pictures in a magazine that aren't ads. The photographs that go along with the articles - even the cover of the magazine. Some photographers shoot only editorial type work, others shoot both editorial and commercial. Commercial photography is essentially advertising photography - or photography for brochures, annual reports, things like that. Editorial photography does not pay nearly as well as commercial, but with editorial, you usually get much more creative freedom, and you get a credit line. You do it to add to your portfolio - then show the portfolio to get commercial work. Let's say you want to be a fashion photographer. Would you like to shoot a layout of photographs for Vogue? Even if you only got paid a few hundred bucks? Of course you would. Then you show those pictures to potential commercial clients - they are impressed - and you make real money shootiing for them. It's far easier to get your foot in the door of lucrative commercial accounts if you have editorial tearsheets. Shooting editorial work might not pay the bills, but it will be a very good investment in your future.3 ----

Editorial Photography is simply said to be a photography that supports the printed word. That may be either news or advertising.

As many readers may mistake this to be is type of a commercial for a product specially for fashion articles that needs visual to give the reader a perspective of what the article is all about. You might say it's a way also to attract readers to buy the magazine or news paper.

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Q: What is editorial photography?
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Pertaining to editorial fashion spreads in magazines, it is photo spreads that incorporate fashion and a story into full page photography.

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Use a sentence with word editorial?

This was editorial mistake. Who is editorial chief there?

Who is Kristen Weaver?

Owner of Kristen Weaver PhotographyOrlando wedding photographer, also specializing in fashion and editorial work. Published as "one to watch" in Remedy Magazine, London.

What is editorial of argumentation?

what is editorial argumentation

What is the editorial about?

And editorial is an article about a subject.

What are the types of photography?

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What is editorial in special occasion?

The editorial of special occasion is an editorial wherein celebrating an anonimous occasion.

What is an Editorial of commendation?

Editorial of commendation is an editorial wherein you're praising somebody or something in formal way.

Are you supposed to address the reader when you write an editorial?

The editorial does not address the reader writing. The editorial addresses the issues and the conclusion.

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it is a type of editorial that interprets a certain issue

How much does an editorial assistant make?

Presentation Editorial Assistant

What is editorial of criticism?

Editorial of criticism is a type of that critics about the issue.

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The newspaper editorial was very interesting.

What is editorial of commendation?

its a type of editorial that praising someone and editorial of commendation is praising - by adik sa 18 ahahaa XD

In the types of editorial what do editorial information means?

Editorial- a type of newspaper article that states an opinion about a current topic of interest

What is an editorial photo?

An editorial photograph is a photo in a magazine, on a website, or in a newspaper that is placed by the editorial staff. It is usually part of a story.

How is editorial used in a sentence?

The editorial in The News Tribune appeared to present a biased view of the judge's election.He wrote the editorial