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What is email address for kcal 9 news?


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January 18, 2012 8:29PM

Christen D taylor at the time of 2012

Christine D taylor at the time of 1975-1993

christian taylor at the time of 1993 only abou two years after

I would like to be a witness of my crimes that have went on here from the beginning of my kidnapping which didnt want tobe mentioned by my peers which this is all of the injuries due to there violent behaiver of treating me totally wrong at all times so one incident was with a tow truck company i had no food at home just spend close to a thousand dollars and car was bached while the accident that happened at the time my license was suspended due to non apperance if i didnt have the decease which i found out later on in my life span of always being abused i would have made those court apperances choices to keep my record very clean clean enough to drive my vehicle so was offered 75.oo for that position at that time no information from the tow truck company so i said yes to excepting the 75.00 dollars that was offered to my friend mary just by one phone call when entering the school of icdc colllege i was offfered a 19.00 an hour position which havent found since going to that school suing for all injuries there I also lived with roaches at 1310 s. wilton place apt 312 and kept asking the manager ms. iris when was this going to be cleaned the first time of srayal was in my house as i slept the next time they said i had to get out of my apartment for 4 hours each tuesday when entering the apartment i had no roaches at the time of first move in i was willing to go broke until fingding a position she kept the apartment for nasty no war i started getting to many complaints and couldnt keep up with rent always had someon to borrow from i also played with the ihhs to keep food on my table just to pay the rent only but no clean up and losed knowledge of how to be un froudulant to the ihhs due to my underpayment of ssi check so i started joining clinical trails which i also felt only the abuse until the started to not talk money enymore one child which was i nurse got into my shower shaved my and washed my eyes turning them very red and if ms iris woul like to counter suite that judgement i would only ask for 1000.00 in return because that is all i would owe her at this point also would like the rights to see my children on breaks from school family functions and when ever the want to come by without harm to my children my son is trying to become a doctor and i want him to succed and with all these accidents that is happening to my children are harming there brains my son looks underfeed while leaving with antonio bryant who is only the father of aaliyah bryant who also smeels like she is not getting the opprpriate care i also need training on helping keeping here kids up and raedy for school each morning and keeping them from being unharmed due to my decease i need a psychiatrist that is able to be there to call me for peel time and keeping me stable whithout making bad deceisions while leaving in inglewood bought a lemon from a car action where car was took of the streets paid 450.00 for vehicle tony also bached my car through into a tree never got back