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What is enamel paint suitable for?

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Great on wood, also metal and even masonry or concrete. Fine inside or outside the home as both first coat and repaint. Most brands are brush-on. Some anti-rust, so the choice is yours. Nice final glossy look.

Usually, one coat is sufficient if you are repainting a surface with an existing coat of paint (of same or lighter color)

Paint dry to the touch in about two hours. Allow more if re-coating is necessary.

Hope this helps!

2007-06-15 16:34:21
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Related Questions

Is bituminous paint a type of enamel paint?

No it is not. It is bitumin - Enamel paint is enamel.

Can you mix latex paint with enamel paint?

Enamel paint can only be mixed with latex paint if the latex paint also has enamel in it. If the latex paint is oil based then it can not be mixed with enamel paint.

Can you paint over latex with enamel?

you can paint over latex paint with latex enamel.

What type of paint do you use to paint glass?

Any enamel, such as Tremclad will paint enamel

What is the difference between enamel paint and oil paint?

Enamel is oil based paint.

Can you paint enamel paint over latex paint?

Paints that are labeled enamel can be both oil and latex. Enamel merely means that it dries hard. If by enamel you mean alkyd or oil based, then yes, after proper cleaning and prep, you can paint enamel paint over latex paint.

Will enamel paint go over flat paint?

Yes, enamel paint will go over flat paint.

Can you paint over enamel with latex?

Yes, you can put enamel over latex, but you cannot paint latex over enamel....

Is latex acrylic enamel oil paint?

No. In this case, the enamel paint is latex. Enamel means hard, not necessarily oil.

Can you paint enamel paint over enamel paint?

yes, as long as it's latex/latex or alkalyd/alkalyd.

How to remove enamel paint from bathtub?

Enamel paint can be removed from a bathtub by using soap and water. Enamel paint should not require any abrasive cleaners or scrapping.

Can you put enamel on lacquer paint?

No, you cannot put enamel on lacquer paint. Because enamel is a solvent, it will ultimately eat away at the paint and cause it to become damaged.

Is tooth enamel and paint enamel the same?


Can you use enamel paint on rubber?

Yes, but you must paint the rubber with glue, let it dry, then coat with enamel paint.

Can you use enamel paint to concrete cement?

no because cement is made out of concreate not enamel paint

Can you use enamel paint over latex primer?

Yes, unless the enamel paint is an epoxy. If the enamel is oil or water based paint, then there is no problem going over a latex primer.

What is the paint that is to be used to paint glass?

Enamel or epoxy paint.

Can you paint over acrylic enamel with acrylic enamel?


Can you paint over enamel pottery?

Yes, with enamel paints.

What is sateen enamel paint?

It is a semi-gloss texture enamel.

Can you paint over oil based enamel?

You should not paint latex directly over oil based enamel. -You can paint latex over it if you prime it first. -Of course you can paint any oil based paint over oil based enamel.

Difference between plastic emulsion and enamel paint?

emulsion paint: paint in which the binder is dispersed in water. enamel paint: pigmented varnish, glossy coating

How do you test for acrylic or enamel paint?

To test for acrylic paint, apply about a teaspoon of Methyl Hydrate to a clean (white) rag, and then rub the paint with the wet part of the rag. If the paint transfers to the rag, it is acrylic paint. To test for enamel paint, apply about a teaspoon of Turpentine to a clean (white) rag, and then rub the paint with the wet part. If the paint transfers to the rag, it is an enamel paint. PS: Never paint over an enamel paint with an acrylic paint without using a good quality primer. The acrylic paint will flake or peal off the enamel paint very easily.

Can you paint waterborne on acrylic enamel paint?

No, you can't.

What paint should be used to paint the panel on a dishwasher?

Enamel paint.