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What is envelope in French?


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Didn't the English word 'envelope' come from French?

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It's a french word. (1705)

une enveloppe (with a double 'p')

une enveloppe (one l, double p) is the French spelling for envelope.

'une enveloppe' (fem.) (with a double 'p')

Garridge - or garrazh. Like many words of French origin (e.g. envelope) pronunciation varies, depending on familiarity with the original French.

Envelope detection is done to detect the envelope in am output signal.

I can give you several sentences.I mailed the envelope with the check inside.The earth is surrounded by an envelope of air.We need a larger envelope for this report.

This envelope is like the window envelope,but the window opening is uncovered (an uncovered address panel).

I opened the envelope that contained my check.

When addressing a standard envelope, the correct location for the return address is the upper left corner of the envelope.

An opaque envelope is an envelope that is transparent or translucent. It is dull in color and does not allow light to pass through.

The same as you would a short envelope.

What is the standard-size large envelope?

does the mono virus have a membranous envelope

A stamp sends the envelope to the desired place.

The nuclear envelope is the nuclear membrane.

The Greek word for "Envelope" is "φάκελος".

the cells have a nuclear envelope.

The cost to mail a manila envelope will depend on the size of the envelope and the weight of the envelope. The average cost to mail a manila envelope that is 8"X11" is about $2 if the contents weigh less than one pound.

The envelope will have your return address in the upper left corner or sometimes on the back flap of the envelope. The outer envelope should include formal names of the guests with their address on the front of the envelope. On the inside envelope, you can use the guests first names.

I slid the letter into the envelope.She posted her job application in a rose-scented envelope.She ripped open the envelope, expecting to find money in the birthday card. She was thoroughly disappointed.

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