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What is enzyme purity?

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Q: What is enzyme purity?
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Can gel electrophoresis be used to determine the purity of an enzyme?

Yes it can be done if you use Poly-Acrylamide Gel Electrophoresis.

How long would it take 1 picomole of enzyme to convert 1 micromole of the substrate to product if the turnover number was 1 per millisecond?

Depends on enzyme purity, activity and incubation conditions.

What is a molecular weight of pectinase?

it is depend on the purity of pectinase enzyme. to know exact value of mw you have to run SDS page for individual sample.

Why is succinate dehydrogenase a good marker enzyme?

Isolation of any organelle requires a reliable test for the presence of the organelle. Typically, this is done by following the activity of an enzyme that is known to be localized exclusively in the target organelle. Such enzymes are known as marker enzymes. For example, the enzyme acid phosphatase (that cleaves terminal phosphate group from substrates and has a pH optimum in the acidic range) is localized in lysosomes, while the enzyme succinate dehydrogenase is localized in mitochondria. By monitoring where each enzyme activity is found during a cell fractionationprotocol, one can monitor the fractionation of lysosomes and mitochondria, respectively. Marker enzymes also provide information on the biochemical purity of the fractionated organelles. The presence of unwanted marker enzyme activity in the preparation indicates the level of contamination by other organelles, while the degree of enrichment for the desired organelle is determined by the specific activity of the target marker enzyme. Although marker enzymes reveal much concerning the purity of the organelle preparation, electron microscopy is generally used as a final step to assess the preparation's purity and the morphology of the isolated organelle.

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