What is episode 5 season 2 about?

Sonny with a Chance episode 6-"Sonny with a Song", is about a very famous English song writer and singer Trey Brothers. Tawni loves him and wants to go out with him. sonny pretends like she doesn't know him and doesn't care who he is and Trey loves that! He follows her around amazed about how she doesn't know him, he hates fans so he tries to avoid Tawni. Sonny wants to get him alone with her so she can play him her song that she wrote but when she does get him alone she can't find the song and goes to her dressing room to find it but Tawni stole it n when Sonny ran to the dressing room she quickly sneaked into where Trey was and played it for him.Sonny gets angry at Tawni for stealing her song but when Marshal walks in to where they are and Trey told him he wrote the song. On the other hand Gradi and Neco are trying to be magicians, wearing top hats and coats and Chad has really long bangs and wheres vampire teeth. In dress rehearsal Trey stole everything from them! He wore side bangs and vampire teeth and a top hat with a coat while singing Sonnys song. That makes everyone angry! Neco and Grady do a magic trick to make Trey disappear. In the end sonny ends up going out and singing her song in front of everyone and Trey gave Chad his bangs back n his vampire teeth but stole his name and his limo.