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What is ethnic design?

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Ethnic designs are designs that are made by different cultures or a group of people that are classified as belonging to that specific group. Ethic designs can include clothing and art.

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What is the meaning of ethnic design?

designs made by indigenous people to be classified to their own groups.

What is ethnic restaurant?

ethnic restaurant is a food was for only a selected ethnic

What are Australian ethnic foods?

what are the Australian ethnic foods? what are the Australian ethnic foods?

Is Confucianism an ethnic religion?


What ethnic groups live in the Sahara desert?

well the ethnic groups are the ethnic groups

Is ethnic a noun?

The word ethnic can be a noun as in an ethnic minority. It is primarily used as an adjective.

What ethnic is Denmark have?

Ethnic Danes are Caucasian

Where can you see ethnic people?

In ethnic places

What is the ethnic of history?

history of ethnic song

Ethnic in a sentence?

The E.E.O.C. protects rights of people from different ethnic backgrounds. Hitler practiced ethnic cleansing. People from different ethnic backgrounds tend to have different cultures. Ethnic food is awesome.

What is ethnic island?

Urban ethnic concentrations are generally called neighborhoods, whereas rural concentrations are called ethnic islands and ethnic provinces depending on size.

What is ethnic cleasing and which country in southeastern Europe practice it?

Ethnic cleansing is diminishing or eliminating an ethnic group within a country. Serbia experienced with ethnic cleansing.

What is an ethnic group in Chile?

What is Chile's ethnic group?

Is taoism universalizing or ethnic?

ethnic. ur born into it

What is the ethnic mix in Bangladesh?

the ethnic mix is bengali

What types of ethnic groups are in Belgium?

The ethnic groups are ...............

Is Jainism a Universalizing or Ethnic Religion?

Mainly ethnic.

What is Ethnic Origin Maternal?

I believe "Maternal Ethnic" would be the race of the mother "Paternal Ethnic" is the race of the father.

What are the Egypt's major ethnic groups?

Egypt ethnic groups;The main ethnic groups in Egypt are the Egyptians and Arabs.

Use ethnic in a sentence?

There are many ethnic groups in Europe.He was part of an ethnic minority.

Is Hinduism a ethnic?

No, Hindus are not an ethnic group. There are many ethnic groups that practice Hinduism. Hindus can be of a variety of ethnic groups, such as Bengali, Punjabi, Tamil, Malayali, Telugu, etc.

Do people kill others in ethnic groups?

People do kill members of other ethnic groups, and members of ethnic groups also kill members of their own ethnic groups.

What are the three main ethnic groups?

Ethnic Group Number One: The group of people that believe that there should be more than three ethnic groups. Ethnic Group Number Two: The group of people that believe that there are three ethnic groups. Ethnic Group Number Three: The group of people that believe that there is no such thing as three ethnic groups. I proudly belong to Ethnic Group Number Three. Anyone care to join me?

What ethnicity are ethnic Albanians?

*facedesk*What ethnicity do you think that ethnic Albanians are, Sherlock?Well, ETHNIC ALBANIAN of course! Albanian is an ethnicity, that ethnic Albanians are part of!Other Albanians are Greeks, Roma and some Slavs, but they're not ethnic Albanians.

What is Rihannas ethnic background?

Rihanna's ethnic backround is Barbadian.