What is euclids full name?

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harry Euclid Jones

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What is euclids theory?

need a simple explanation of Euclids theory.

What is the name of the guy who wrote Euclids elements?

'Elements' was written by Euclid.

Who are euclids parents?


What was euclids job?

to think

Books written by euclid?

euclids elements

What were euclids favorite areas of mathematics?


What was euclids major maths discoveries?


Title of thirteenth book in euclids elements?


Whats the oldest plane in the world?

euclids elements

Who were euclids parents?

Jovanny villa and keila montoya

What were some of euclids accomplishments?

His major accomplishment was in philosophy and mathematics

What is euclids area of expertise?

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How many books in euclids eiements?

There are 13 books in Euclid's Elements.

How many books in euclids elements what is the title of the book thirteen?

Regular solids

Can you use euclids formula to generate integers 9, 12, andv15?

im not sure how to answer it

What is more details about euclids costribution to math?

u know that is a vary stupid qustion

Euclids contrubution towards mathematic?

Euclid laid the basis of geometry still used today.

Euclids geometry has been questioned but never has a nonEuclidean geometry been accepted as a valid possibility?


What is Jacques cartier full name?

What is jacques cartier full name (his full name)

Title of the thirteenth book in euclids elements?

The thirteenth book in Euclids Elements has no specific title, but covers the Pythagorean proofs of Theaetetus (c. 417-369 bc) and the construction of the five regular Platonic solids (pyramid, cube, octahedron, dodecahedron, icosahedron) inside a given sphere.

What is Jane Austens full name?

her full name is Jane Austen that is her only full name.

What are euclids most known accomplishmens?

His mathematical books called Elements. His work on geometry, particularly his famous axioms.

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What is the full name of Ronaldinho?

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