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What is ex-officio indictment mean?


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An ex-officio indictment is an indictment presented to a higher court when no committal has occurred for the relevant charges in the indictment.

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It means the grand jury refused to return an indictment. An indictment is sometimes called a "bill of indictment."

An indictment or process that supersedes the original of such.

The word amend means to change. So a motion to amend indictment means a motion to change the indictment.

Each count of an indictment is a separate criminal charge against the person.

An indictment is a formal accusation that a person has committed a crime. A direct indictment is one in which the case is sent directly to trial before a preliminary inquiry is completed.

It means any action(s) that are taking place (or took place) prior to the handing down of the indictment.

The phrase usually refers to a "sealed" indictment handed down by a Grand Jury. It is usually 'sealed' because of the likliehood of flight by the person(s) named in the indictment if their indictment became known to them.

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An indictment is, essentially, to be formally accused of something. An example sentence is: The indictment was absolutely humiliating for him.

No, and usually they are not. Also: It is not an indictment "hearing," it is an indictment presentment to the Grand Jury.

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it is misspelled indictmenthttp:/

The antonym for indictment is absolution, exoneration, or acquittal.

Tagalog translation of INDICTMENT: pag-aakusa

In the common legal law system, an INDICTMENT, or being INDICTED is a formal accusation of having committed a criminal offense. The word INDITED is often confused as being INDICTMENT.

The Grand Jury handed down a four count indictment.An indictment charges someone but it does not determine guilt.With his indictment of the US President, the Republican Senator caused a national debate.An indictment is not just used in law but in everyday language.

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If the indictment is returned as TRUE, yes.

That is the correct spelling of "indictment" (a formal charge in a crime).

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A supervening indictment refers to a formal charge of felony. It is an indictment by the Grand Jury that orders the defendant to report to court for the arraignment.

An indictment is a charging document. If a person was already out on bail and then indicted, the indictment would be for new charges.

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