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Executive mandate is command or an authorization given by the person in charge.

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Does the executive branch have authority to say laws are unconstitutional?

The Constitutional mandate of the executive branch is to execute and enforce the laws, while the mandate of the judicial branch is to "say what the law is"; that is, it can declare a "law" or part thereof unconstitutional. In the U.S., the federal government appoints the Solicitor General to advocate for the executive branch in federal court.

A sentence with mandate in it?

the commisioner mandate

What is the synonyms of mandate?

synonym of mandate

Is vacation a mandate?

Yes, vacation is a mandate,

Coal what is a Mandate?

A mandate is a person who buys coal. This person is either a trader or a final burner. The mandate is the person who has the power of buying or selling coal. There are two types: buyer's mandate or seller's mandate.

In order to make the construction of seismically safe buildings economically possible the icssc drafted executive order 12699 to mandate that a building should be designed to prevent?


How do use mandate in a sentence?

mandate can be a verb or a noun

What is the suffix in mandate?

There is no suffix in mandate. It is a root word.

What is a good sentence for mandate?

Mandate can be either a noun or a verb: The commissioner was given a mandate to increase security in the public schools. The first thing I will do is mandate a complete overhaul of the process.

What is a buyer's mandate for crude oil?

how to get a buyer's mandate in china

What are synonyms of mandate?

Synonyms of mandate:authorizationapprovalendorsement

What British mandate was the focus of the Arab-Jewish controversy?

The British Mandate of Palestine was the only mandate with an Arab-Jewish controversy.

Who created the mandate of heaven?

The Zhou dynasty create the Mandate of Heaven

From which former mandate was modern day israel created?

The Mandate of Palestine.

What does it mean for God to give a mandate?

In law, a mandate is an order or authoritative command handed down from a leader or judge. A mandate from God is the same.

How do you use mandate in a sentence?

The Senate rejected an amendment during a floor debate in part of avoiding a new unfunded mandate to be created.The judge can mandate you to perform community service.The Ancient Chinese emperors believed that they were put in their places by the Mandate of Heaven.A mandate is a command or the authority to give command, so it is not difficult to use in a sentence.Example:The court issued a mandate that the people blindly followed. Definition____Authorization to act given to a representative.Lincoln interpreted his reelection as an approval of his war policies and as a mandate.He was under court mandate to pay restitution for the damage that he had caused is a sentence that uses the word mandate.

What was the mandate of heven?

The mandate to heven is where god chooses you to rule and blessess you to do good things

How did the mandate if heaven affect government in china?

how did the mandate of heaven affect government in china

Can you give me the word mandate in a sentence?

"We got nothing going on with the mandate," Larry answered.

What is a sentence using the word mandate of heaven?

The word of God is a mandate of heaven.One specific mandate of heaven is to honor God.

What is a constitutional mandate?

A constitutional mandate can mean a few different things. A constitutional mandate is usually something that must be upheld due to it's stating so in the constitution.

What is a seller's mandate?

A Seller's Mandate is the person with legal authority to represent the seller in negotiations with potential buyers in the sale of commodities. The Mandate will have clear instructions from the seller as to the procedure to be adopted and what is required from the buyer in order to proceed with the sale. Normally, the seller will require proof of funding and/or a Letter of Intent before proceeding further with the sale. Thereafter, all negotiations will be between the seller's mandate and the buyer's mandate (a mandate for the buyer).

Which modern countries were part of the British mandate?

Israel, Jordan, and Iraq were part of the British mandate.

What was the purpose of the mandate system?

The ultimate goal was development of each mandate toward eventual independence.

Which modern countries were part of the French mandate?

Syria and Lebanon used to be part of the French mandate