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What is expected cut off at DJ Sanghvi for direct second year admission in information technology?

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When was Siddharth Sanghvi born?

Siddharth Sanghvi was born in 1977.

Your surname is Sanghvi what is your gotra?

Sanghvi gotra, dasa derawsi jain

When was Rahul Sanghvi born?

Rahul Sanghvi was born on September 3, 1974.

When was Vir Sanghvi born?

Vir Sanghvi was born on 1956-07-05.

When did Sukhlal Sanghvi die?

Sukhlal Sanghvi died on 1978-03-02.

When was Sukhlal Sanghvi born?

Sukhlal Sanghvi was born on 1880-12-08.

How old is Rahul Sanghvi?

Rahul Sanghvi is 37 years old (birthdate: September 3, 1974).

When was Dwarkadas J. Sanghvi College of Engineering created?

Dwarkadas J. Sanghvi College of Engineering was created in 1994.

What has the author Nagindas Sanghvi written?

Nagindas Sanghvi has written: 'Gujarat' -- subject- s -: Politics and government, Social conditions, Economic conditions

Who is the editor of Hindustan times?

vir sanghvi

Who is the CEO of Syndicate Bank?

Mr.m g sanghvi

Which college should be preferered for bba finance in indore?

sanghvi is best

Who had received the rajiv gandhi award for journalism in 2008?

Vir Sanghvi.

Who has received the Rajiv Gandhi Award for journalism in 2008?

Vir Sanghvi

Who receive rajiv gandhi award for journalism - 2008?

vir sanghvi

What is Rahul Sanghvi's birthday?

Rahul Sanghvi was born on September 3, 1974.

What actors and actresses appeared in Kaamchor - 1982?

The cast of Kaamchor - 1982 includes: Jayapradha as Geeta Sanghvi Asrani as Joggie - forecaster with scare Moolchand as Man to which Suraj settled down on work Tanuja as Radha Master Bhagwan as Accordian Player (song "Joggie") Sujit Kumar as Sohan Shreeram Lagoo as Rai Bahadur Chunilal Sanghvi Neeta Mehta as Roopa Sanghvi Suresh Oberoi as Suresh Rakesh Roshan as Suraj

List of degree engineering colleges around Mumbai offering mechanical course?

there are so many institute which are offering mechanical engineering courses some of them are as followsThadomal Shahani Engineering College (TSEC)Veermata Jijabai Technological InstituteM. M. J. SHAH Polytechnic CollegeIndian Institute of TechnologyRajiv Gandhi Institute of TechnologyDwarkadas J. Sanghvi College of EngineeringShah And Anchor Kutchhi Engineering CollegeVIDYAVARDHINI'S COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGYUniversity Institute of Chemical Technology (UICT)FR. CONCEICAO RODRIGUES COLLEGE OF ENGINEERINGFr. Conceicao Rodrigues Institute of TechnologyThadomal Shahani Engineering College (TSEC)SIES Graduate School of TechnologyWATUMULL INSTITUTE OF ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING & COMPUTER TECHNOLOGYDon Bosco Institute Of TechnologySARDAR PATEL COLLEGE OF ENGINEERINGDATTA MEGHE COLLEGE OF ENGINEERINGPadmabhushan Vasandada Patil Pratishtan Engineering CollegeVidyalankar Institute of TechnologyXavier Institute of EngineeringUsha Mittal Institute Of TechnologyPillai's Institute of Information Technology (PIIT)Shri Vile Parle Kelavani MandalVeermata Jijabai Technological Institutefor more information you can visit the link given below where you can get more information about all collleges

Where did aditya narayan study from his childhood?

he studied at Utpal Sanghvi School in Mumbai and then he studied at Vocal Tech in London, UK

What was last years cet cutoff for dj sanghvi civil engineering?

d j does not have civil.......they might open from 2013 or 2014

What it means 'last song of the dusk'?

It's a prize winning fiction novel by Siddharth Dhanvant Sanghvi, an Indian author.

Who is the smallest skydiver in the world?

Krish Sanghvi is the smallest skydiver in the world.He is from school chatarbhuj nursee memorial school (C.N.M) from India, Mumbai.

What was last year cut off mechanical engineering in dj sanghvi college of engineering?

what is the cut off for meachanical engineering in alagappa university

What is a good chemical engineering college?

2 good chemical engineering colleges in mumbai:uict and dj sanghvi college of engineering other than iitb

Top 10 colleges of indore for mca?

Acropolis Faculty of Management and Research Indore, IndiaMaster of Computer Applications Astral Institute of Technology & Research Indore, IndiaMCA Central India Institute of Technology Indore, IndiaMCA International Institute of Professional Studies Indore, IndiaMaster of Computer Applications IPS Academy Institute of Engineering and Science Indore, IndiaMaster of Computer Applications Mathuradevi Institute of Technology and Management Indore, IndiaMaster of Computer Applications Medi-Caps Institute of Technology Indore, IndiaMCA Pioneer Institute of Professional Studies Indore, IndiaMaster of Computer Application (M.C.A.) Sanghvi Institute of Management & Science (SIMS) Indore, IndiaMCA Shri Govindram Seksaria Institute of Technology and Science