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What is f-f transition?

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f-f transition: the transition of an electron from an f orbital which is lower in energy to an f orbital which is higher in energy is a f-f transition.

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In IPv6 addresses the number FF often appears What is the decimal value of FF?

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When was Ferrari FF created?

Ferrari FF was created in 2011.

Having freckles is dominant (F), and not having freckles is recessive (f). A mother has Ff and a father has ff. If they have a child, which genotype will make their child not have freckles?

ff (apex)

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Ff is this heterozygous?

which of mikes traits are heterozygous? Gg or ee or CC or Ff

When was FF Giza created?

FF Giza was created on 1968-01-01.

What phenotype will the offspring represented in the punnet square have?

if you are doing 7th grade life science, it would be B)all dominant because it has FF, FF, Ff, and Ff. All of these has dominant F, so it is all dominant.

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Yes it is. If you encounter the abbreviation "ff." in a text, it usually means "following", yes.