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What is fair enterprising?

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she had enterprising attidue

That is the correct spelling of "enterprising" (showing initiative or innovation).

Megan is enterprising by starting a work from home business. The previous sentence using enterprising in a sentence the correct way.

To be successful in a business you have to be enterprising and be able to create new ideas.

An enterprising young person may turn a hobby into a way of earning money.

This enterprising young man with the ice cream cart deserves my patronage.

Enterprising attributes are things you gain from doing something enteprising . such as learning leadership skills


an enterprising young person may turn a hobby into a way of earning money to pay for college

Children who sell lemonade in the neighborhood to earn some spending money may be considered as very enterprising.They are a very enterprising group of people who have already made a list of their priorities.

The motto of Business Careers High School is 'An Enterprising School for Enterprising Students'.

Enterprising Women - 2008 was released on: USA: 9 September 2008

Instead of just waiting for things to get better by themselves, we must be more enterprising in working for improvements.

The cast of Enterprising Women - 2008 includes: Rachel Weingarten as herself

Adventurous is rash and enterprising.

The cast of Enterprising Young London - 2008 includes: Danielle Harvey as herself

Sir Edmund Hillary was an enterprising explorer. He would stop at nothing to get sponsors or permission when he wanted to climb structures that had not been climbed before.

Sir Edmund Hillary was enterprising because of his explorer roots. He was born in Australia and died in June of 2008. Hillary was knighted in London in 1953.

The cast of An Enterprising Caper - 2005 includes: Paul Herbert John MacCafferty Danny Novy Angela Oakenfold

Enterprising means resourceful, energetic, and bold. An enterprising person is someone who takes on imaginative and risky projects. An enterprising person is ambitious and energetic. Enterprising people take initiative in order to be successful. Examples of famous enterprising people include: NONFICTIONAL: Bill Gates Steve Jobs President Barack Obama Andrew Carnegie Howard Dell Eleanor Roosevelt Susan B. Anthony Amelia Earhart Lewis and Clark Christopher Columbus Eli Whitney J.P. Morgan Joan of Arc FICTIONAL: James Kirk Bean in the novel Ender's Shadow Alanna in the book series by Tamora Pierce Artemis Fowl John Galt Iago in Shakespeare's Othello

pugnacious, militant, forceful, enterprising, assertive.

daring, enterprising, bold, reckless, intrepid, daredevil

The correct spelling is adventurous (daring, enterprising, or bold).