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What is fashion like in World War 2?


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When 1942 came along all clothes and furniture had the familiar CC41 mark. It stood for "Civilian Clothing" and the 41 represents the year it first came in to being. This was a ruling by the government to keep the materials for both clothes and furniture to the barest minimum. At the same time keeping a smartness which most could afford as well as quality for the amount of coupons they had.

A double breasted coat would be about 16 coupons and cost 12 guineas. The coupon allowance was 66 to start off with but as time went on so the allowance for coupons went down to 60 in 1942, 40 in 1943 , and 48 in 1944. A man's suit was 26 coupons, one hanky 1 coupon. A ladies woolen dress 14 coupons and a blouse 5 coupons.

Supplementary clothing coupons could be applied for if you were getting married or having a baby or if you had been bombed out. It was a bonus if anyone was lucky enough to get some parachute silk to make a dress or underwear.

Especially notable were patterns, since so many women of the time made their own clothes to save money. My mother had a whole stack of these patterns.


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This question is confusing. Indicate whether you mean who caused the war or who were people during the World War 2 era that did design work (like engineers, fashion designers, emergency shelter designers, etc.). Rephrase the question and please resubmit it. Thanks for using Answers com and WikiAnswers com.

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