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What is fashion marketing?


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2008-01-16 20:52:46
2008-01-16 20:52:46

Fashion marketing is much the same as product marketing. Integrating brand into the product is something always popular in the fashion world for many popular retail fashion wares. Basically fashion marketing is marketing to either fashion conscious consumers or to distribution channels such as retail franchises and so forth.


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London College of Fashion has a masters course in Fashion Journalism as well as other various fashion buying, merchandising & marketing degrees. I think eco fashion is a new trend now and will be popular.

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Sidney Packard has written: 'Consumer behavior and fashion marketing' -- subject(s): Consumer behavior, Fashion merchandising, Marketing 'Strategies and tactics in fashion marketing' -- subject(s): Fashion merchandising 'Fashion buying and merchandising' -- subject(s): Clothing trade, Fashion merchandising, Purchasing

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There are marketing degrees available and if one has an interest in fashion. One can double major is fashion design to get a more complete concept of how to market and design.

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To begin a fashion marketing career, it is first necessary to obtain an associate's or bachelor's degree. This could be achieved by attending a top fashion school. Most of the programs will include courses about fabrics, fashion shows, retail buying, garment construction and several other fashion-based subjects. Most of the fashion marketing programs will have the student actually help produce a fashion show, have a balanced portfolio and have completed an internship. After graduation, there are several career choices in the fashion marketing business.

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