What is fashion marketing?

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Fashion marketing is much the same as product marketing. Integrating brand into the product is something always popular in the fashion world for many popular retail fashion wares. Basically fashion marketing is marketing to either fashion conscious consumers or to distribution channels such as retail franchises and so forth.
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How much do fashion marketers or fashion merchandisers make?

when it comes to earnings in the world of business regardless of whatever it is all about, the profit and success will all depend if it was able to target the right market and

What do fashion marketer do?

Fashion marketing is a way of pushing product. It works by findinga target market to sell its product to.

What is a fashion marketing degree?

A fashion marketing degree (sometimes also called a fashion merchandising degree) is a college degree program that's sort of a combination of fashion design, business, and mar

What is the difference between fashion merchandising and Fashion marketing and fashion buying?

Definitions:Fashion Merchandising: . In the retail industry, a buyer is someone who decides what items will be stocked in a store, based on his or her predictions about what

How does fashion merchandising differ from fashion marketing?

Fashion marketing is about getting the consumer excited about a product. Planting a fantasy in their minds that make you want to purchase a product. Fashion merchandising is a
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What can you do after you graduate with your bachelor of fine arts in fashion marketing and fashion design?

Well, there are a lot of choices you can choose from. Try to find a shop that deals with clothes or art and such, or you can try any other kind of way to save money. If