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What is fashion marketing?

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Fashion marketing is much the same as product marketing. Integrating brand into the product is something always popular in the fashion world for many popular retail fashion wares. Basically fashion marketing is marketing to either fashion conscious consumers or to distribution channels such as retail franchises and so forth.

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What are good fashion schools in UK to go for fashion journalism or fashion merchandising-marketing?

London College of Fashion has a masters course in Fashion Journalism as well as other various fashion buying, merchandising & marketing degrees. I think eco fashion is a new trend now and will be popular.

What has the author Sidney Packard written?

Sidney Packard has written: 'Consumer behavior and fashion marketing' -- subject(s): Consumer behavior, Fashion merchandising, Marketing 'Strategies and tactics in fashion marketing' -- subject(s): Fashion merchandising 'Fashion buying and merchandising' -- subject(s): Clothing trade, Fashion merchandising, Purchasing

Are there schools for fashion marketing only?

There are marketing degrees available and if one has an interest in fashion. One can double major is fashion design to get a more complete concept of how to market and design.

Examples of fashion according to marketing?

i want 2 know wat is the history of fashion

What is the most famous college or institute of fashion in Italy?

Polimoda, the International Institute of Fashion Design and Marketing, is considered one of the best fashion and design schools in Europe and definitely the leader in fashion and marketing education in Italy. The fashion school in Italy holds high quality classes in Florence, Italy ranging undergraduate courses to Masters level specialization programs to summer courses, in the areas of Fashion Design, Fashion Marketing and Fashion Merchandising courses.

Do you offer classes for a fashion marketing career?

There are many different schools offering fashion marketing courses, including online schools such as Parsons Once you apply and are accepted, there are classes run each semester.

Where is the best place to learn how to be in fashion adverstising?

Fashion advertising is actually a kind of marketing. Therefore, the best place to learn that is a section of marketing in an institute or a university.

Where does fashion come from?

The minds of designers and marketing agencies.

What careers do a fashion designer have to take?

A fashion designer should take art classes and marketing classes.

How does fashion merchandising differ from fashion marketing?

Fashion marketing is about getting the consumer excited about a product. Planting a fantasy in their minds that make you want to purchase a product. Fashion merchandising is about setting up stores in a way that is appealing to the shoppers coming in. These two jobs often overlap.

How much do fashion and marketing make a year?

$ 5 million

Fashion Marketing Careers Require Business Savvy?

In an increasingly crowded fashion marketplace, fashion marketers play a key role in helping brand names stand out among the crowd. If you are considering a degree or career in fashion marketing, a business background is a must. Be sure to enroll in general business or marketing classes to impress top employers. Try to obtain internships in fashion or business to give your resume an extra boost.

What do fashion marketer do?

Fashion marketing is a way of pushing product. It works by finding a target market to sell its product to.

What are the different branches in fashion designing?

Fashion designing will have different branches. There will be the designers, the seamstress and the marketing branches for example.

What academics majors are in LIM College?

They offer Fashion Merchadising, Visual Merchandising, Marketing and Management. But they also offer concentration which are in addition to you major. The concentrations are Cosmetics, Styling, Fashion Publishing, Event Planning, Entrepreneurship, Fashion Communications, International Marketing, Retailing, and Fashion Merchandising (for non- merchandising majors)

What are facts about being a fashion stylist?

You need to hae skillsin marketing

How does fashion designers get their clients?

Through advertising, marketing and much more.

Careers that use modeling?

- Advertising - Fashion - Photography - Marketing - Business

How Fashion Marketing is in Vogue Apparel Marketing Technique?

Is a fashion marketing career a smart move in today's down economy?

Fashion marketing is a very reputable job and surprisingly is still in moderate demand. There our many accredited schools that can also help you get into the field upon graduation.

How did Calvin Klein become a fashion designer?

he started studying fashion marketing in high school. later, he designed clothes for lady gaga !

What is the difference between fashion merchandising and Fashion marketing and fashion buying?

Definitions:Fashion Merchandising:In the retail industry, a buyer is someone who decides what items will be stocked in a store, based on his or her predictions about what will be popular with shoppers. Retail buyers usually works closely with designers, and attend trade fairs and fashion shows to observe trends. ...Fashion Marketing:Is more advertisement based and photoshoot co-ordinating based.Fashion buying:Buying the stock for shops it is Fashion merchandising.I hope this helps xoxo

What majors are available at LIM College?

Fashion Merchandising, Visual Merchandising, Marketing, and Management.

Do you need a college degree to get a fashion marketing career?

No you do not need a degree to get involved into the fashion marketing career but without one it will be difficult to prove your experience and get clients to trust you with their marketing. It is possible with a well planned portfolio you may be able to get your foot in the door without college and after you attain some experience you can be well on your way.

What is the main problem of fashion marketing in Bangladesh?

the living standardization is not same to us all because many of us think that fashion is for upper level living..................