What is faster a Lingenfelter Corvette or a Saleen?

Lingenfelter. By far. ANSWER:

= Fastest Production Cars in the World - Quick Update = Back in March I wrote a post listing the 10 Fastest Cars in the World. It was hugely popular (and still is,) but I've received so many comments telling me that the list isn't accurate anymore. I plan to do another comprehensive post on this in the future, but for now here is a quick update on the fastest production cars in the world, ranked by top speed. On the last post, I also received a lot of comments about cars such as the Lingenfelter Corvette being faster. Just like the last list, this is only for production cars. Fastest cars in the world: Go to this site: * http://www.automoblog.net/2007/11/05/fastest-production-cars-in-the-world-quick-update/