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The Yamaha R1 is faster

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Q: What is faster a Yamaha r6 Yamaha r1?
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What is faster and better a Yamaha r6 Yamaha r1 or a suzuki gsx r?

Yamaha r1 will beat anything off the line

What is faster R1 or R6?

R1 easily

What is faster and better a Yamaha r6 Yamaha r1 or a suzuki gsx-r?

Depends what gsx-r you're talking about. If you're talking about the Hayabusa, then that would win in the top speed. Check it out on youtube, Hayabusa vs R1. The R6 is the smaller version of the R1. The R1 is better for track, the R6 is better for canyon and city riding. The smaller Gsx-r 600 is a good competition for the R6, but the R6 is better at corners.

Is a gsxr 1000 faster then a yamaha r1?

From my experience, Yamaha R1 hands down.

Is a Yamaha r6 faster than a kawasaki ninja?


How do you fit Yamaha r1 muffler to Yamaha r6?

make a piece of tapered pipe to fit from one muffler to the other then weld them together.

Were is the rectifier on a Yamaha R1? On this site you can find someone that can answer any questions you will ever have for your R1. I use the R6 for my bike and have never had something go unanswered.

Will a 2004 Yamaha r1 engine fit on a 2004 Yamaha r6 frame?

Yes both engines should fit in the crate box with enough space for stuffing and foam.

What is faster 2008 Yamaha r6 or 2008 gsxr 600?

top end is faster other then that, there isn't that much of a difference.

What is the top speed for a 2009 Yamaha R6?

enough...unless you want to go faster than 300km/hour

How-to change clutch cover on Yamaha r1?

How-to change clutch cover on yamaha r1?

What type of bike is a Yamaha YZF R1?

The Yamaha YZF R1 motorcycle is a sports bike class motorcycle. The Yamaha YZF R1, like other Yamaha sports bikes, are available from authorized Yamaha dealers.

What is the price Yamaha r6 in Pakistan?

r6 model 2006 price in pakistan are 12lacs

What kind of motorcycle is in the movie Die Hard 5 A Good Day to Die Hard?

Looks like a 50th Anniversary Edition European version Yamaha R6 or R1.

How much does Yamaha R1 weigh?

My 2006 yamaha R1 weighs around 870 lbs.

How fast is a 2004 Yamaha r1?

Depending on the year, horsepower, and modifications an R1 can reach 180+ mph. I 've heard of R1's doing 200mph with different sprockets My 07 R6 tops out stock at 187mph 2005 R1 power commander, arkapovic full system exhaust. Dyno jet quick shifter. Yes this R1 does over 200.

What is the cc of a YAMAHA R1?

the r1 has 1000 cc's

How much horsepower does a Yamaha r6 have?


Yamaha yzf R6?

Is there a question in there somewhere?

How much Horsepower does a Yamaha r6 has?


What is the fastest 600cc motorcycle?

Yamaha R6

What is the price of yamaha R6 in nepal?


Where can R1 Motorcycles be purchased?

The Yamaha YZF-R1 is a motorcycle manufactured by Yamaha Motor Company since 1998. One can purchase the R1 at a Yamaha dealer, either new or second-hand.

How fast does a 2009 Yamaha R6 go?


What is the maximum speed of a Yamaha r6?