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What is faster a Yamaha r6 Yamaha r1?


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2009-09-12 21:59:27
2009-09-12 21:59:27

The Yamaha R1 is faster


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Depends what gsx-r you're talking about. If you're talking about the Hayabusa, then that would win in the top speed. Check it out on youtube, Hayabusa vs R1. The R6 is the smaller version of the R1. The R1 is better for track, the R6 is better for canyon and city riding. The smaller Gsx-r 600 is a good competition for the R6, but the R6 is better at corners.

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From my experience, Yamaha R1 hands down.

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make a piece of tapered pipe to fit from one muffler to the other then weld them together.

User Avatar On this site you can find someone that can answer any questions you will ever have for your R1. I use the R6 for my bike and have never had something go unanswered.

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