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  • A father's mother to the father's children is called the Grandmother (aka: Nana; Gran, etc.) The father's mother to his wife is the wife's mother in law.
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Q: What is father's mother called?
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What is the Swedish word for 'grandmother'?

Mormor/farmor. It depends if it´s your mothers mother or fathers mother. So mothers mother is mormor and fathers mother is farmor.There are two answers Farmor means Fathers Mother (grandmother on the fathers side) and Mormor means Mothers Mother (grandmother on the mothers side) so it depends on whom you are talking about.

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It's different, it depends on who you are talking about, if it is your fathers parents you are talking about it's called: Farmor = grandma Farfar = grandpa If it is your mother's parents: Mormor = grandma Morfar = grandpa It's really simple, mother is called "Mor" and father is called "Far" so you just put the two together "Fathers mother" = Farmor :)

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