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What is fe curriculum?

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To the best of my knowledge FE stands for further education, so an FE curriculum would constitute the things you learn at university.

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What is the definiton of co-curriculum?

co-curriculum is co-curriculum

Comparison among intended curriculum implemented curriculum achieved curriculum and hidden curriculum?

With the intended curriculum, it deals with those part of the curriculum that are supposed to be taught, and with the implemented curriculum deals with what was been able to be taught or implemented and lastly the hidden curriculum entails those part of the curriculum that are unintentional, unwritten, unofficial which students learn in school.

What are the components of a curriculum?

Curriculum has 4 components: 1. curriculum Aims, goals and objectives 2. Curriculum subject content 3. Curriculum experience 4. curriculum Evaluation

What is the similarities between traditional curriculum and progressive curriculum?

they are both curriculum

What number of Fe atoms and what amount moles of Fe atoms are in 600.0 g of iron?

Known/Given:1 mole of Fe = 55.845g Fe (its atomic weight in grams)1 mole of Fe = 6.022 x 1023 atoms Fe (from Avogadro's number)Convert grams Fe to moles Fe.600.0g Fe x 1mol Fe/55.845g Fe = 10.74mol FeConvert moles Fe to atoms Fe.10.74mol Fe x 6.022 x 1023atoms Fe/1mol Fe = 6.468 x 1024atoms Fe

How many atoms are present in 400g Iron?

1 mole Fe = 6.022 x 1023 atoms Fe1 mole Fe = 55.845g Fe (atomic weight in grams)Convert grams Fe to moles Fe.400g Fe x (1mol Fe/55.845g Fe) = 7.16mol FeConvert moles Fe to atoms Fe.7.16mol Fe x (6.022 x 1023atoms Fe/1mol Fe) = 4.31 x 1024 atoms Fe

What is the difference between curriculum planning and curriculum development?

curriculum is student centered while curriculum planning is teacher centered.

What chemical element is FE?

Fe - iron Fe is Iron

What is Curriculum and the learner?

definition of curriculum

What is the operational definition of curriculum?


What are the five types of curricula as described by westbury?

-curriculum as the development of cognitive processes -curriculum as technology -curriculum as self-actualization or conumatory experience -curriculum of social learning -curriculum for academic

What is the difference between broad field curriculum and core curriculum?

What is different between core curriculum design and broad field curriculum design

What number of Fe atoms and what amount of Fe atoms are in 500 g of Fe?

There are 5.395*10^24 Fe atoms and 8.95 moles of Fe atoms in 500g of Fe.

What is the definition of language curriculum?

language curriculum

What is taught curriculum?

Taught curriculum is the curriculum which teachers choose to teach, independent of the influence of others.

What is the possessive of curriculum vitae?

The possessive form of the compound noun curriculum vitae is curriculum vitae's.example: Your curriculum vitae's appearance is very professional.

What is the OH and Fe compound?

The Fe compound is iron. The compound for OH and Fe is Fe(OH)3

What will convert Fe plus 3 to Fe plus 2?

fe+3=..............* .9 =fe+2

Why should you use the objectives and taba models of curriculum design in the process of producing the school curriculum?

Be cause the models of curriculum help to know the types of curriculum based on the level of learners to whom the curriculum is developed for.

What is curriculum organization?

Curriculum organization of the curriculum content, means the process of selecting curriculum elements from the subject, the current social life and the students' experience, then designing the selected curriculum elements appropriately so that they can form the curriculum structure and type. In a narrow sense curriculum organization is the process to change the content into students' learning experiences intentionally, and make learning experiences sequential ,integral, successive after curriculum ideology has been determined, curriculum goal been set, curriculum content been selected.

Is Scotland's curriculum equivalent to the UK's curriculum?

There is no UK curriculum. England and Scotland have separate education systems.

What is Fe an example of?

Fe is an example of an Element. Fe refers to Iron.

What is more reactive Fe 2 or Fe 3?

Fe(II) is more reactive than Fe(III).

Use curriculum in a sentence.?

The Scientist`s Curriculum Is To That

What is Abeca book homeschool curriculum?

iT IS A christian curriculum.