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Fish,Sugar and Gold

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Q: What is fiji's major export?
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What are Fiji's major landforms?

Fijis major landfroms are the islands

What is Fijis major industries?

Fiji's major industries are mostly sugar

What is fijis currencey?

Fijis jas

What is Egypt's major export?

cotton i a major export.

What is Idahos major export?

Idaho's major export is potatoes.

What is Iraq's major export?

Iraq's major export is oil

What is Ecuador's major mineral export?

Petroleum is the major mineral export.

What is the major export of Australia?

i think that the major export Australia is wool

What is Sweden's major export?

There major export is mainly petroluem and machinery.

What is Nigerias major mineral resource and largest export?

The major mineral export is diamonds and the largest export is oil

What is the major export of Tunisia?

The major export of Tunisia is Oil, Tourism , and car manufacturing.

What is the major export crop of Central America?

coffee is the major export item in Central America.

What is the major export of Antigua and Barbuda?

The major export of Antigua and Barbuda are cotton, rum and tourism

Does Alaska export crabs?

Yes it is a major Alaskan export.

What is Libya's major export?

Oil is Libya's main export.

Is oil Afghanistan's major export?

No, Afghanistan does not export oil.

Does Denmark have a main export item?

Furniture is what the major export is in Denmark

What is Lithuania's major export?

they export industrial tools, safety clothing.

What is a sentence with the word export?

A major export from Canada is pulp and paper.

What is newzealands major export?

We export wool from our sheep and mauka honey

What is fijis state flower?


What major export from Portugal is made from oak trees?

Cork is the major export from Portugal that is made from Oak trees.

Major exports of Switzerland?

machinery is a major export.

What are the major exports in Italy?

what are the major export in italy!

What is the main export of southwest Asia?

oil is the major export of southwest Asia