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According to RDS Business & Industry, the definition of financial data is as follows: a full fiscal year data on a company's performance in terms of profits, revenues, operating income, etc. when accompanied by discussion of significant events that have affected performance. Financial data includes, but is not limited to, the documentation of the charges for services, costs of providing services, revenues generated from services and revenues from other sources. An example is a state agency that must collect financial data for administering programs such as Medicaid.

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Q: What is financial data?
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What is Financial accounting data?

what is financial accounting?

What are sections of newspaper containing financial data?

Financial Pages

In financial analysis why does the analyst compute financial ratios rather than simply studying raw financial data?

In financial analysis the analyst compute financial ratios to determine the financial health of an financial institutoin rather than simply studying raw financial data.

The components of the annual report and their purpose?

Financial statementsAuditor reportManagement ReportManagement Discussion and AnalysisNotes of Financial DataSummary of Financial Data

Software to represent financial data in a tabular manner?

A spreadsheet or a database could be used. For financial data, it is more likely to be a spreadsheet.

Why do organisation require internal and external auditors?

auditor check reliability of financial data of the organization, and he give assurance about financial data of an organization.

Work done by Data Base Managers?

All data work like collecting financial data and others data

Distinguish between cost accounting and financial accounting?

Financial accounting is the process of preparing financial statements using data and figures. Cost accounting is similar but you look for alternative ways to figure these figures and data.

Inputs to the financial information system?

transaction data

Where to find historical financial data?

The EDGAR system of the Security and Exchange Commission has historical public financial data for any publicly trading company in the United States.

What is financial data management?

Most dealers understand the value of the collection of financial data, but also realize the challenges to harness this knowledge to create intelligent, active routes back to the client. Data mining technology - and the techniques for recognizing and tracking patterns in the data - helps businesses sift through layers of seemingly unrelated data meaningful relationships, where you can anticipate, rather than just react address customer needs and financial need. In this accessible introduction, which provides an overview of business and technology of data mining and describes how, along with solid business processes and complementary technologies, data mining can reinforce and redefine for financial analysis.Objective:1. The main objective of mining techniques is to discuss how to customize the data mining tools must be developed for the analysis of financial data.2. The pattern of use in terms of the effects can be categories as the need for financial analysis.3. Develop a tool of financial analysis through data mining techniques.Source:

Critical data sources you would use to measure the financial outcomes?

To implement changes in an new organization, what are the critical data sources you would use to measure the financial outcomes?

Are statistics use in a financial spreadsheet?

Yes. Statistics and statistical functions would indeed be used in a financial spreadsheet. A lot of financial data is statistical.

What is the name of the process of recording business financial data?


What are the sections in a newspaper containing financial data called?


What 2 ways is accounting data used to make business decision?

accounting data is used to determind a company's financial status, and also to execute systematic reports of financial transactions

Internal and external sources of an organization?

external sources include:- communication media supplier customer feed back banks financial instutation internal sources include:- financial report sales data transport data storage data

What do financial information systems do?

Financials information systems analyzes and interprets financial data entered. This helps businesses finalize forecasted financial decisions and plan projects.

A worksheet with financial data laid out in rows and columns?

It is called a spreadsheet.

What is a disadvantage of shopping online?

a higher risk of financial data theft

How can spread sheets help an organisation to keep track of its financial situation?

They have a wide variety of ways of manipulating numerical data. So they are ideal for dealing with anything financial. They also have lots of specialised financial functions that can be used. Data can be stored and all sorts of calculations can be done with the data. It can be used to help the decision making process by analysing the data and testing out what happens with different values, a process often called what-if analysis.

What can you learn about financial accounting?

In terms of insurance companies, financial accounting helps monitor and determine the insurance status of their clients and manage their financial data that the current insurance company has on about their client.

What are the many uses of spreadsheets?

you can use it for: Maniplulation of mass data Graphical visualization Formula Financial tasks Automatically updating data

Which financial statement that reports accounting data at a specific date is the?

Balance Sheet

What is the financial statement that reports accounting data at a specific date?

balance sheet

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