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Fish bait , is a food product that fish will eat , and are attracted to . And is used to catch fish. The food used, is usually something the fish are used to eating , like some other fish or seafood, but sometimes it could be a type of food humans eat , or even a terrestrial , or land creature . A lure is used in the same way , but is usually an artifical material.

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Q: What is fish bait?
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Is herring a bait fish?

A herring is a bait fish. They are a rather large bait fish, however they are. They are similar to bunker. You can additionally eat it. It is a very good bait for striped bass. When you use it for bait, normally cut it up because of its size. However, you can use it as bait as the whole fish.

Is fish bait edible?

Don't eat fish bait. It will make you sick.

Can you use grapes as fishing bait for fish?

Any bait can catch some fish at sometime. Grapes though are not a good bait for fish in general as they are not a natural food of any fish.

What sonnet of William Shakespeare is this phrase to bait fish withal?

To use as 'fish bait'.

What is the best bait for bill fish?

Live bait

What is the answer to the brain teaser fish or BAIT?

cut the bait

What is a bait ball?

A bait ball is a roughly spherical dense school of bait fish.

What do a gar fish eat?

Bait fish.

Can a red fish eat a spot tail pin fish?

yes if the fish they want to eat is small By: Expert Serena In Florida pin fish are a top bait for red fish whether it be used as live bait or cut bait.

What kind of bait do you use to catch parrot fish?

what kind of bait do I use to catch a parrot fish

What does to swallow the bait means?

To swallow the bait means to fall for the bait, like when a fish bites a fishing pole for your bait

Where should you dispose of unwanted bait?

If it is fish bait then dispose of it in a lake,river, or ocean. So that the fish can enjoy it.

Do you need bait to bobble fish for the cat in twilight princess?

yes you need bait to catch a fish for the cat. you do not need to use bait to catch the fish for the cat just catch 2 fishes

Where to fish with crank bait?

anywhere there is cover of some sort. That is really open ended. You fish with it wherever you would any other bait, where the fish are.

What bait is used for fresh water fish?

It depends on what kind of fish it is. Some people use marshmallows for trout bait.

Why do you not release bait fish?

If you release the bait fish into the wild the can become invasive species. The Asian carp is a great example of this.

What is a small fish that is often used for bait is called?

A fingerling. People use small fish of many species as bait.

How do you fish for king fish?

u put bait on hook

What is chatter bait, and do you use it outdoors?

A chatter bait is a king of lure/bait that you can use when you go fishing. You can use this along with other baits to fish. It is quite safe to use a chatter bait since you use it only to fish.

What are dragonfly uses for?

fish bait

What bait to cach fish?


What bait can you use to catch big fish?

BIG BAIT Catfish: Only a BIG FISH can take a BIG BAIT. Cutbait: The size of your hand on a 0/10 or bigger hook.

How do you get the fish in the tupperware on Monkey Island 4?

Get some bait from the bait shop first. Use this with the Tupperware and the fish will be naturally attracted to it.

What isused to catch fish that starts with ba?

Bait is used to catch fish. The bait can consist of insects, night crawlers or smaller fish on the end of a fishing hook.

What bait is best for fishing walleye?

The best bait is the bait that the fish in the area are used too. Common bait for walleye include, worms, minnows and leeches.