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Fleece fabric is a fabric used to make hats. * A fabric with a thick, heavy surface resembling sheep's wool. It may be a pile or napped fabric of either woven or knit construction.

* Typically a brushed, knitted, polyester fabric with relatively high pile.

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What can be made out of fleece fabric?

a fleece

Why has fleece fabric become such a popular fabric?

Fleece fabric has become popular because it represents comfort with a slight edginess.

What is the difference between polar fleece and cotton fabric?

cotton's a fibre polar fleece is a fabric

What is coral fleece fabric?

Coral Fleece Fabric is usually used in blankets and is quite soft and comfortable which is why it is popular.

Where can you buy fleece fabric in NY?

You can get it shipped to your door from! Great prices and selection and affordable delivery on fleece fabric.

How is fleece converted into fabric?

not shor

What is fabric fleece?

fleece fabric is a man-made fabric made of polyester. According to information found at , fleece is made from polyester, and is part of the stretch knit family of fabrics. Twisted yarns are knitted into fabric. Then a series of wire brushes rough up the surface and create the nap. Finally, the fabric is sheared.

Where can you find Saint Louis University fleece fabric?

I have also, been looking for St. Louis University Billikens fleece fabric. I was at Hancock Fabrics and asked if they would be carrying SLU fleece fabric. They told me that there is no SLU fleece fabric. They said that before a manufacture will design and make a new fleece fabric, they must be guaranteed an order of 300 yards of this material. The employee at Hancock Fabrics stated that most likely there would not be a SLU fleece fabric made anytime soon. They said that usually they only make large State University fabrics. -- O'Fallon, MO

Where can you get Pittsburgh penguin fleece fabric?

In pittsburgh

What is the fabric structure of fleece?

knitted construction

What is No-Pill Fleece?

Fleece that will not get small balls of fabric all over it. Better made fleece is often designated in this way.

Good things about fleece fabric?

They're warm!

What is the fuzzy side of fabric called?

Its called fleece.

Where can you find NFL fleece fabric?

Fields Fabrics Online (link below) is a good website with a large selection of professional and college team fleece fabric prints.

How many yards in a bolt?

A bolt of cotton fabric for quilting is usually 15 yards; 42"-43" wide. A bolt of fleece fabric is usually 10 yards for licensed fleece fabric, and 10-12 yards for non-licensed fabric.

What is polar fleece knit or woven?

I would say that polar fleece is a woven fabric, made with synthetic fibers.

How long has fleece fabric been around?

a long time

What is the name for the type of polycotton fabric frequently used to make hooded tops?

The fabric you are asking about is called knit or fleece. Fleece is the original type of fabric used for hooded sweaters, using real lambs wool, but it now simply a name of a fabric used in the garment.

What are the differences between polyester and fleece?

Simply explained, polyester is a man-made fiber. DuPont had a patent on this fiber in the 20th Century. Fleece refers to a finishing of a fabric. Fleece, by definition is considered to be soft, cozy to the touch and a bit fluffy. A fleece finish can be applied to a polyester fabric as well as a cotton fabric. If you think about the classic grey heather sweatshirt, the inside has a "fleece" finish. Hope this helps! Happy travels! La Glantz

What fabric is made of cotton and polyester?

There are many different kinds of fabric that are made every day. Fleece is made mostly of polyester, but fleece can also be made of a mixture of things such as cotton and polyester.

What is fleece fabric made of?

Fleece, also known as polar fleece, is a synthetic fiber made from polyethylene terephthalate. Polar fleece is great to use for cloth diapers, sweaters, blankets and any outdoor clothing.

What fabric is a good insulator wrapped around a jar?

fleece; felt

How is polyester made into fleece fabric?

because my names you and your names bill

What does the fabric abbreviation wv stand for?

The fabric abbreviation WV stands for fleece wool. It also stands for virgin wool. This indicates the makeup of fabric quality.

Can you microwave blanket fleece?

Technically you can, but I wouldn't reccommend it. Absolutely not. This is because fleece fabric easy to get damage when face high microwave frequency.

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