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A leg is the distance between departure and arrival. Imagine a flight is going from London to Frankfurt to Chicago. London-Frankfurt and Frankfurt-Chicago are the legs.

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What are the flight schedules?

Every flight and airline has a flight schedule for the day and week. To find out when a flight is happening, a person can check with the airline or with a travel agency.

What is the difference between a leg and a segment in airline?

I googled and found... Leg/Segment A leg is that portion of the trip between consecutive flight stops. The segment can be a group of legs, because the segment is that portion of a trip from boarding point to a deplaning point.

How do you find out how long a flight will be?

Ring or email the airline running the flight or flights, or check airline websites, which will have timetables.

Is there a direct flight from Europe to New Orleans?

There are no direct or nonstop flights from Europe to New Orleans (keep in mind that in airline terms, "direct" means a flight that stops along the way but keeps the same flight number on the second leg.)

What happens when you miss your flight?

When a person misses their flight, the airline will let you take the next flight if it is not fully booked. If it is booked then most often they will try to find another airline flight for you.

Where can one find airline schedules online?

One can find airline schedules online by consulting with the specific airport the flight departs from or by consulting with the airline company that is running the flight. Both resources will have updated flight information.

How do you cancel a flight?

call the airline.

What airline has the cheapest flight to Faro?

Lufthansa has the cheapest flight to Faro.

How long does the flight take from Newcastle to malaga?

The cheapest you can usually get the flight is $35 on airline Ryanair. The flight on that airline will take around 3 hours 10-15 minutes.

Can an airline flight attendant get married?

Yes they can.

Name the United airline flight that crashed in Pa on 911?

flight 93

What was the flight number of the plane that crashed in a field?

United Airline Flight 93

If flight leaves at 1200 but want to leave at a later flight What is the cost?

You need to ask your airline. It depends on your ticket, available seating and the airline rules.

What is meant by flight or leg?

A flight leg is one takeoff and landing of an air journey. For example, if you fly from Los Angeles, change planes in Phoenix, and arrive in Oklahoma City, then LAX-PHX is one flight leg and PHX-OKC is the second flight leg.

What kind of discounts do flight attendants get with their airline?

Flight attendants can get several kinds of discount with their airline. They can get a discount on a ticket or they can their luggage for free. They could also get free food and drinks during their flight.

Where can one book an airline flight?

One can book an airline flight from many different online websites. Some examples of websites that let one book airline flights include Expedia and One Travel.

what is the cheapest airline service that has a flight to australia?

The price of airline flights greatly depends on when you are travelling and where you are travelling from. Without this knowledge there is no way to tell what the cheapest flight for you is.

What is the longest commercial airline flight?

19 hour flight from Singapore to NewYork-Newark

What if you need to change the date of your Frontier airline flight?

how much to change the date on your flight

What is leg instance?

A LEG INSTANCE is an instance of a FLIGHT LEG on a specific Date (for example, CO1223 leg 1 on July 30, 1989). The actual Departure and Arrival AIRPORTs and Times are recorded for each flight leg after the flight leg has been concluded. The Number of available seats and the AIRPLANE used in the LEG INSTANCE are also kept.

How long is a flight from Rome to Cairo?

contact an airline

What is the name of an airline passenger flight list?


Cancel a booked flight?

Contact the airline directly.

In flight services in Airbus A300?

It depends on the airline.

How can you know your flight confirmation?

Answer From the relevant AirLine counters

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